What is a Small Business Anyway? Part 2

Why Shop with Small Businesses?

Black Friday! Whoo hoo! All the big sales, all the excitement. Billions of dollars will be spent today. Where will you spend yours? In Part 1 I defined what a micro business is, as compared to small. Here I address a couple of key questions:

  1. Why shop small businesses?
  2. What about free shipping & guarantees?
  3. “Big box” stores have the best deals, right?

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday®! It’s another holiday shopping tradition, backed by American Express, that celebrates small businesses like ours. But there is no need to wait until tomorrow! Small Businesses are even more grateful for your business today, and dare I say, every day!

Why Shop with Small Businesses?

2018 small biz stats
Nearly 59 million Americans are employed by the 30 million small business in America. A full 47.5% of US employees are employed by small business. This means nearly half the working people you know depend on the success of small business.

There are a LOT of businesses that are “solo-entrepreneurs” of just one person doing all the work. Others, like AVivoPur,® are blessed to have a few employees; people who receive a paycheck every Friday, to support their kids and lifestyles.

As talked about in Part 1 AVivoPur® is actually a “micro” business. This report says a staggering 92% of all U.S. businesses in the United States are Micro-businesses. We work hard, get a LOT done with a few people, and it is our goal to provide options for wellness to people that are looking for alternatives.

What about Free Shipping & Guarantees? 

One reason people buy online is for the convenience and free shipping. Yet many people pay a subscription to get that free shipping! Those large online and even box stores do su#shopsmall #avivopurch incredibly high volume that they also get the very lowest prices with the shipping companies.

Yet many small businesses also offer these perks! We have to. We WANT to! Because every sale we make means we are in business another day. Every happy customer may mean another glowing review, and another opportunity to reach more people we can help.

AVivoPur® also has free shipping for orders over $50, and 90-day satisfaction guarantee on our magnetic therapy products we make ourselves right here in South St. Paul, Minnesota. Hand-sewn, quality controlled, packaged and shipped by our own employees.

Big Box Stores have the Best Deals, Right?

Big box stores and massive online stores can afford to make less per sale, or even take losses on some products when they make it up on sales of other products. They also pay far less for shipping because of their volume. But small businesses still price their products competitively and some, like AVivoPur,® even price them as close to the margin as possible.

magnetic therapy for sleep

Why do we price so close to margin? Because our belief is that what we have to offer is so important, we simply want as many people as possible to be able to afford what we offer while still supporting our own business expenses, employees, and families. Sometimes this makes it a challenge to even include our products on those other online stores because of their demands to have lower prices that we usually can afford!

Unique Products

Most products found in stores are not unique. Made by the boatload (literally) and shipped to every sort of store, sometimes with a little different label, you can find the same product in many different places. There is nothing that sets them apart from other products in the world.

Our premium products, our Premier Magnetic Therapy Chair Seats and Magnetic Therapy Mattress Pads, are unmatched in quality and priced to sell. We have story after story, many unpublished, sharing with us the effect our products have on people’s lives. Here is what a couple people have told me in the past couple of weeks.

I’ll be honest. I was skeptical that this would work. But I had to try something, or I had to look at changing the profession I love, which I have done my whole life. I’m honestly surprised this High Power Magnetic Knee Wrap has worked so well and so quickly to make my knee feel better. My other knee is getting a little jealous so I will be ordering another one soon.”
–Brian H, Wayzata, MN

“My 5-year-old son actually brings my Magnetic therapy Neck and Shoulder wrap to me now when he sees I am in pain or starting to have a headache. Since I started using this wrap, I’ve noticed greater mobility and a decrease in the number of headaches. I am able to focus more on my family and business. I am grateful.”
— Chelsea L, New Richmond, WI

Why shop with small businesses? We can think of a lot of reasons. We’d love to hear from you and your reason for supporting small business. We appreciate you!

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Thank you for all your support!

With Great Appreciation–
LeAnn Lyon
Founder & President of AVivoPur.com

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