Personal Post: My Uber Super Bowl Experience (Part 1–Shaun Gayle) Shaun Gayle
’85 Super Bowl Ring on MY hand!

Uber Super Bowl Ambassador?

Rosemount Minnesota Mayor Bill Droste put the idea in my head. He mentioned that the mayors were tasked to be at the MSP airport for shifts to welcome the visitors to Minnesota, to be the ambassadors for Super Bowl 52 held in Minnesota.

Super Bowl Ambassador? Who better to be an ambassador than mayors and…business owners? I’m a business owner. I have a nice car. I could be an “ambassador” by driving Uber, and welcoming people to the Twin Cities!

It took a day or two to jump through the hoops of getting approved via Uber. (The other ride-share app I applied to still has not approved me!) On to becoming an Uber Super Bowl Ambassador with an Uber Select vehicle!

But hold up! First I had to prove myself, and drive 25 regular Uber X trips. So Tuesday before Super Bowl 52 I dove right into getting those rides out of the way. What a learning curve! From figuring out the app to figuring out the passengers, I had a lot to do. I drove people to work, home from car repair shops, and behind-the-scenes people setting up for the Super Bowl.

First Celebrity

I received my 4th ride request from a “Shaun”

Shaun was staying at a relatively non-descript hotel in Bloomington. Nice hotel, just not off-the-hook in any way. He chose the front seat.

I asked where he was visiting from; he said London. He had moved there recently, rather than commuting from Chicago. I agreed that was probably a smart move! He said the hotel he was at was one of the NFL media hotels.

When I told him I was a business owner who just decided to do this for the Super Bowl, he asked about my business. I shared that I own a company which manufactures magnetic therapy products, helping people get #BackInTheGame of life. Suddenly Shaun had a story to tell.

“I could be an ambassador for your products,” he started.

Knock Me Over With a Feather shaun gale
Shaun Gayle

It turns out Shaun played football. For ten years. In Chicago. At this point, I looked a little more closely at him. Did he play with the only Chicago Bears team I even remember, from the 80’s? The Refrigerator and the Super Bowl Shuffle?

“One play, several of us collided. I stayed in the game, nearly finished it, then collapsed in the locker room.”

Shaun broke his neck in two places, in ways that should have left him paralyzed. But he was not.

“They really didn’t know what to do with me. If they fused my neck bones, I was done playing football. They called in all the experts to share ideas.”

They chose….wait for it… magnetic therapy!

In the 1980’s.

If you look at the history of magnetic therapy, it goes WAY back. In OTHER cultures, and OTHER countries. In America, not so much.

Yet with the superb care of his doctors and their use of magnetic therapy, Shaun Gayle returned to play football.

The Ring

As we reached his destination for the evening, Shaun handed me something.

“You could put this on and take a photo.”

It was his 1985 Super Bowl Ring. I was not going to ask if he had one. (What could be worse than to say “no” to that question for the rest of your life?) But he offered, and I have to say I was thrilled.

Shaun Gayle impressed me not because of his ring, and not even because of his story, which of course I loved hearing! He impressed me with his whole demeanor. He was humble. Gracious. Interesting but also interested. Anyone would be blessed to have him as their spokesperson.

Not the End

I was officially hooked. This was going to be a GREAT week! I was right, and my Uber Super Bowl Experience was underway. But two days later my hopes were nearly dashed. I’ll share that in my next post!

On to my very un-official ambassadorship!

Part Two–Injury Time Out

Part Three–Conclusions

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