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theresa 1Theresa Longo is an international model, actress, and fitness expert. She recently earned the honor of being crowned Miss Italia North America at Miss Italy of the World.

When I met Theresa earlier this year we had an instant connection. We are thrilled that she enjoys our products and has written a blog about us on her website. I caught up with her again recently and she shared with us her thoughts on her #SpecialDiet of choice, veganism.

LeAnn: Thanks for sharing this time with us again, Theresa! Let me start by asking what inspired you to begin following this particular #SpecialDiet?

Theresa: I decided upon a vegan diet to feel healthier and to make a commitment to everything that is pure in life. One of the principles in my life is to respect all life forms.

Although I believe humans are omnivores I thoroughly believe we are fully equipped to make a life choice to forgo eating meat with the help of supplements including many from AVivoPur such as your vegan Vitamin B12 and Organic Vegan Protein Powder. With AVivoPur products it is easy for me to practice veganism.

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LeAnn: When you changed to a vegan diet, did friends or family push back?

Theresa: Of course my family was concerned about my diet and how I would get adequate levels of nutrition. In fact, I get better nutrition now because I am more informed of the types of ways we supply our bodies with nutrition. Now many of my friends remark that I always look so refreshed, happy and youthful. I feel amazing!

LeAnn: Did you “have to” give up foods you used to enjoy?

Theresa: Not really. For me, I look forward to eating healthy foods; a lot of fruit and vegetables as well as leafy greens. In fact, I feel deprived when I don’t have access to those foods rich in vital nutrients. This is why aVivoPur is so important in a world of food producers and supplement manufactures that are focused on cheap and convenient.

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LeAnn: Thank you for the compliment! What do you do when you don’t have access to those good foods? Do you have favorite supplements?

Theresa: Let me just say here that I LOVE the vegan Super Food Earth Greens I get from AVivoPur. I also use several other AVivoPur supplements, including your Pre-Workout Plus, which help me get adequate nutrition when I’m on the road traveling, which is 80% of the time.

LeAnn: Your career is all about being social! Is it a challenge to keep to your diet when you are around so many different people?

Theresa: Socially I am quite confident and comfortable in my decision to eat a #SpecialDiet. When I explain it to people this way they are often intrigued and impressed with my resolve.

LeAnn: Finally, what would you tell someone who is considering your #SpecialDiet?

Theresa: For anyone considering practicing veganism, practice makes perfect! Supplement with iron, B12, greens, magnesium and other aVivoPur products. Ease into your #SpecialDiet – not everything has to happen at once.

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LeAnn: Any final thoughts/reminders?

Theresa: As you eliminate foods from your diet, always replace nutrients. Please share the blog I wrote for aVivoPur earlier this spring as an example of how I do this. I love that your vegan protein has hemp protein in it because it is easiest to digest.

One last thing: Follow the AVivoPur blog and Theresa Longo blog for more fitness tips!

LeAnn: Thanks Theresa! Happy and safe travels, we enjoy following you around the world virtually through social media, and supporting your good work.

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Canadian International Model Actress | Performer | Musician  Fitness Expert

Theresa Longo is currently pursuing arts, acting, fitness & music after a stay in Italy to represent Miss. Italia North America at Miss. Italy of the World.

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