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The Urban Dictionary says the phrase “take care” is, “used when saying goodbye to family and friends. To be careful.”

It is not ironic that I use the phrase take care with…. EVERYONE. Cashiers, waiters, anyone at all with whom I have exchanged any amount of words. I could say, “Goodbye” but that seems awkward to me. “Thanks” would be an option in some of those situations I suppose but, I say “take care” because it really is the core of what I think about and want for everyone I know or meet, however briefly.

Walgreens has apparently instructed their cashiers and staff to end conversations with “Be well.” Of course, it is appropriate for their brand as a pharmacy based store, but I especially appreciate that they focus on wellness with that phrase. I’ve pondered other options for them: “Stay healthy,” “Get better,” “Wash your hands.” I think “Be well” works. (I’m still cracking up at the looks a cashier would get if they told everyone to “wash your hands.”)

For us, starting a health and wellness business was, and is, all about us wanting to help you take care of yourself, as well as your loved ones, and hopefully make it easier to do so at the same time.

Daily Care

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Taking supplements to help ensure all essential nutrients are being taken care of, despite our modern day fast food diets, is one way of making things easier. It is best to eat as many healthy, whole, unprocessed foods as possible. For some people that is a real challenge due to lifestyle or simply being unaware of what foods provide which essential nutrients. Remember, essential means you must eat them for your body to have them, so your body needs these essential nutrients to keep running well. Taking a quality food based multivitamin and other daily supplements helps that happen more consistently.

For these same reasons, we offer specialized supplements for children, aging adults, and pets. If you are the one responsible for their care, we want to make it easier. Children are notoriously picky eaters, but their little brains need Omega-3 essential fatty acids for proper development and it is up to the caregiver to make sure they get them. Once again, a supplement can help. Similarly for older adults, providing them with a CoQ10 supplement or eye supportive supplement may help reduce their dependence on you as well as help them.

As for pets, we love them too. We don’t have supplements for them but magnetic therapy pet pads and collars have brought comfort to many. I mentioned in our recent newsletter that my mother-in-law had an aging dog named Little Dilly. He was a large German Shepard with only three legs. As he aged, those three legs got tired. To help him, we developed the magnetic therapy pet collar and magnetic pet pad to bring him comfort while he rested, and he quickly took to staying on the magnetic therapy pad much of the day.

Emergency Care

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Having magnetic therapy (first aid) options on hand for the bumps and bruises of life is another way to take care when it is needed. Supplements on hand to support your immune system or counteract digestive discomfort could be seen as “taking care” in advance. Magnetic therapy is another way to be prepared for those events in life we wish would not happen; many of our testimonials are about emergency and long term injury care:

Of course one of our best stories is my personal story about knee pain.

Other Ways to Take Care

As this blog posts, the theme of our social media posts is #caregiving. Every two weeks we focus on a new theme, including sleep, exercise (our next theme), immune support, detoxification, diet & weight loss, and more.  But ultimately all of these come back to taking care of ourselves and/or those we love.

I just have one more thing to say: Take care! 

Giving our best always–

–LeAnn Lyon
Founder & President of

P.S. I do have a special way of saying goodbye to family and close friends….. “I love you” works well.

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