Guest Blog: Marcus Clarke – Vitamin B12 Infographic

Vitamin B12! About The Author – Marcus Clarke After gaining a Bachelors (Hons) in Psychology then progressing to a Masters in Health Psychology, he has since gained experience working in a Psychology department within the NHS.  Marcus Clarke is currently working in the health and social care sector for supporting adults and children with learning disabilities.… read more

Movement Matters: Clear Healthy Skin

Movement Matters #MovementMatters

Movement Matters for Clear Healthy Skin… and more. When you exercise, it’s important to sweat. Sweat is the body’s natural way to regulate temperature it also brings impurities and toxins out of the skin, pores, and even lymph nodes. Your skin is an organ of your body. It has a function beyond the simple protection… read more

Key Nutrient Calcium – for Special Diets

key nutrient for special diets calcium

Key Nutrient Calcium for Special Diets Calcium receives most of its media attention for its role in preventing osteoporosis. This disease weakens bones, making them brittle and often resulting in fractures of the spine, hip, or wrist. However, this essential mineral plays an important part in muscle health as well, including one of the most… read more

Key Nutrient Zinc – For Special Diets

key nutrient for special diets zinc

Key Nutrient Zinc Zinc is an essential trace element. It is the second most common mineral in the body and it is needed by every cell. Zinc plays an important part in reproduction, blood clotting, thyroid function, insulin use, taste, smell, vision and support of the immune system. Zinc is also a powerful antioxidant, which… read more

Movement Matters: For a Happy Healthy Brain

#movementmatters brain health happy

Movement Matters: For a Happy Healthy Brain Pretty much anything good for the body is good for the brain. Just as exercise brings more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, so it does for your brain. Studies have shown that just 20 minutes of exercise can; ~Increase focus ~Decrease depression ~Improve memory ~Helps you De-Stress… read more

Movement Matters: To Increase Sex Drive

exercise improves sex drive

Movement Matters to Increase Sex Drive Good News: This effect of exercise is not limited to people already in “perfect shape.” In light of many of the above points with regard to healthy skin and happier brains, this increased sex drive may seem a logical extension, but there have been many studies to support this… read more

Key Nutrient Iron – For Special Diets

Key Nutrient Iron Iron is an essential trace element. Iron is found most plentifully in meat, dairy, and fish and used by our body to supply oxygen to our blood. Iron supports metabolism, growth, development, normal cellular function, and some hormone production. Deficiency may lead to anemia, though a lack of Vitamin B12 may contribute to… read more

Key Nutrient Essential Fatty Acid Omega-3 for Special Diets

key nutrients omega 3 fatty acid

Key Nutrient Essential Fatty Acid Omega-3 All “fatty acids” are needed by the body but only Omega-3 and Omega-6 are called essential because you must eat them to have them in the body. For instance, Omega-9 is created in the body when Omega-3 and Omega-6 are present. Omega 6 fatty acid is plentiful in the… read more

Illness or Injured? Hydrate to Get Back in the Game

hydrate for health

Illness or Injured? Hydrate to Get Back In The Game When you are off your game, oftentimes the electrolytes of your brain are out of whack as well. I learned this from Tony Robbins, and I’ve been using it with our children since they were little, and it really works, even on two-year-old tantrums. When… read more