What is a Small Business Anyway? Part 2

Why Shop with Small Businesses? Black Friday! Whoo hoo! All the big sales, all the excitement. Billions of dollars will be spent today. Where will you spend yours? In Part 1 I defined what a micro business is, as compared to small. Here I address a couple of key questions: Why shop small businesses? What about free shipping… read more

About Silver Multivitamins

About Silver Multivitamins AVivoPur Healthy Silver Multivitamin provides complete nutritional support for the aging body. With nutrients added specifically for the nutritional needs of those over 50, it is one of our best products.  Our product is iron-free and easy on the digestive system. ϯ As we age, our bodies change, and with it, our dietary needs.… read more

About Herbal Wellness Booster

About Herbal Wellness Booster Echinacea may be the most well-known herbal supplement available today, and while the combination may be widely recognized, you may want more from your supplement than most manufacturers provide. ϯ Below you will find knowledge and information to help you learn how Herbal Wellness Booster may help to support your health. AVivoPur Herbal… read more

About Liver Support

About Live Support Milk thistle is well known for its use as a liver support herbal supplement but other natural products may help as well. ϯ Milk Thistle has been used for more than 2,000 years for the treatment of liver, kidney and gall bladder problems, its principal extract, silymarin may help protect the liver… read more

About Raw Energy Bites

avivopur.com Raw Energy bites

About Raw Energy Bites Pure Raw Energy Bites™ contain living enzymes. These enzymes are an essential part of your proper health and digestion. All food cooked at temperatures over 118 degrees are void of living enzymes. Enzymes are destroyed at temperatures even this low! ϯ Pure Raw Energy Bites™ are prepared without cooking, and we… read more

About Healthy Living Clay

AVivoPur Healthy Living Clay is the purest alkalinizing and edible calcium bentonite clay available with many internal and topical uses. Externally it is an excellent clay mask or bath soak and internally it is an effective detoxifier (see other uses below). ϯ Bentonite clays are grey to white clays from the montmorillonite family of clays, naturally formed… read more

About Cranberry

About Cranberry Cranberry possesses the ability to prevent bacterial adherence to cellular surfaces.  This may protect against urinary tract infections by blocking the bacteria’s ability to “stick” to the walls of the bladder and urinary tract linings. ϯ It also has powerful antioxidant properties with more proanthocyanidins than any other commonly consumed fruit.  Even though many… read more