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One of the most common questions we are asked is, “What Supplements Should I take for Immune Support?”

If you are getting sick, this guide is for you. While it is always best to try and stay healthy rather than fighting back from an illness, even with a pure living lifestyle we sometimes get sick. This guide lists products we use and make sure to have on hand before we need them.  When taken early, many of them can help your immune system fight off the “bug” before it really takes hold.

Scroll down and see what our Founder & President, LeAnn Lyon, does the moment a tickle hits her throat or she feels the least bit “off.”

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The best way to start is by listening to your body on a deeply intuitive level and returning to some basic, timeless truths. Focus on these five Pure Living Pillars, sleep, hydration, movement, nourishment, and detoxification to make the most dramatic difference in your health. Check out our free e-book Pure Living in a Modified World to help you get a better understanding of these five pillars and get your health back. Download it here!

For relief now, we’ve also put together a great list of product offerings to provide your body the boost it needs to fight its way back to health.

Supplements for Immune Support

Herbal Wellness Booster (with Echinacea) (Unique formula!)

1455_Herbal_wellness_boosterEchinacea is well known as an excellent supplement for immune support, both in the US and in Europe. Herbal Wellness Booster contains this well-known herbal remedy, along with other herbs thought to support the immune system. AVivoPur’s Herbal Wellness Booster contains 16 herbal extracts. Like many other seasonal immune support products, we started with Echinacea but we didn’t end there. The other ingredients in our immunity blend may provide synergistic activity for the most support in one supplement.

Vitamin C 1000mg with Rose Hips–prolonged release

Like all of our vitamins, we have sourced aVivopur Vitamin C 1000 from natural ingredients.  Our super concentrated formula is a “prolonged release” formula so you get the benefits of Vitamin C – all day.  Our product is vegetarian-friendly and contains rose hips for extra anti-oxidant support and can work synergistically with the vitamin.

Cee Bites Children’s Vitamin C

Chewable Vitamin C tablets are a great way to supply children with an essential nutrient.  Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that may enhance the immune system to protect against infections.  It is water soluble and cannot be made by the body so it must be replenished daily. aVivoPur’s™ Cee Bites have a sweet and tangy flavor made for kids but great for the whole family. Cee Bites are formulated with a tasty, tangy orange flavor from real orange juice and low glycemic sweeteners.

L-Lysine Essential

L-Lysine is an essential amino acid needed to support proper growth and bone development and may increase activity of the immune function. L-Lysine is one of the eight essential amino acids that cannot be manufactured by the body and must be obtained from dietary sources.  Our L-Lysine Essential provides 500 mg of the important amino acid to support proper growth and metabolism.

Lymph Support Plus

aVivoPur’s™ Lymph Support Plus  is recommended any time that you are detoxifying, have high toxic levels in the body, or if you have immune system deficiencies. It is ideal for providing the nutritional stimulus for a healthy lymphatic system, which is critical to the body’s overall immunity and cellular waste removal. This special formula is made up of vitamins and minerals, nucleoproteins from the RNA and DNA of spleen and lymph tissues, herbs, and synergistically related homeopathic cell salts.

Mega Allicin Garlic

AVivoPur’s Mega Allicin Garlic is guaranteed to provide 5 mg of allicin activity.  Rather than heat-processing or synthetic enteric coating, we have formulated an all-natural sustained release mechanism which reduces the unpleasant garlic odor and reflux without compromising activity. Uses an all-natural layering technology utilizing sodium alginate, titanium dioxide (mined from the earth) and natural vanilla. Garlic is not only beneficial for cardiac health, but also for enzyme, immune and other systems.

Mega CoQ10 100

CoQ10 is one of the most frequently taken supplements on the market today.  Our Mega CoQ10 contains 100mg of the supplement, a much higher concentration than most other supplements.  CoQ10 is taken for a number of health preventative reasons including heart and brain health and anti-aging. aVivoPur’s™ Mega CoQ10 100 is a high-potency coenzyme Q10 supplement which provides the amount of CoQ10 that many natural practitioners recommend without the need to take multiple pills.

zincZinc Lozenges PLUS with Natural Defense Blend

Our Zinc Lozenges have a cool lemon flavor with extra Vitamin C to support the body’s immune system.  We also added our Natural Defense Blend with bioflavonoids, bee propolis and the amino acid, glycine to act in a synergistic manner with zinc and Vitamin C. AVivoPur’s Zinc Lozenge Plus is meant to slowly dissolve in the mouth for maximum absorption.  You will like the cool lemon flavor and the addition of our Natural Defense Blend and Vitamin C can give your immune system the boost you need.

Superfood Earth Greens Powder

Made from a high-quality blend of organic whole foods, each of the ingredients in our soy-free Superfood Earth Greens Powder provides a number of benefits.  While we need vitamins and minerals, food contains many more phytochemicals, such as enzymes, anti-oxidants, healthy lipids, and plant-based proteins that you just can’t get from a simple multivitamin.  We developed this formulation of vegan superfoods because of the high phytonutrient content of each ingredient for a wide variety of benefits that affect virtually every part of the body.  Our formula is made from real food – so you get ALL of the benefits of food, not just the chemical vitamins and minerals in other supplements. It is easy to mix into a favorite beverage for fast absorption and provides many more specific nutrients than you can get with a whole handful of individual supplements.

Read the AVivoPur® eBook: “Immune Support—Summer Edition”

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LeAnn’s Supplements for Immune Support Regimen

Here is what I do if I feel a tickle, a sore throat, or just that feeling that “something is coming on.” I immediately take our Zinc Lozenge with Natural Defense Blend with some food. Zinc on an empty stomach does not do well for many people, including me. Then I take:

I repeat the above group every 3 hours while I am awake, and more often than not a day later I feel fine and discontinue this regimen. If not, I continue this regimen until I do feel better, and take the Zinc once a day. This is NOT a group I take every day, just when I feel I need a boost.

If needed, if I still end up with congestion or a cough, I will add in:

Some people DO take these on a regular basis, depending on what is going on with their health.

Meanwhile I go back to emphasizing that the best cure is prevention. #BuildYourFoundation with a strong nutritional basis of the essential nutrients you need, and your immune system will stay naturally stronger as well. If you wonder what you should consider on a regular basis, Click here and see!



P.S. Waiting until you need them before you get them? The best advice is to have them before you need them.

Read the AVivoPur® eBook: “Immune Support—Summer Edition”

download avivopur ebook

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