Superfoods and Food-based Nutritional Supplements

Superfoods and Food-based Nutritional Supplements

It would be best if we could get all of our nutrition from “food”
– but most of us can’t.

When we eliminate food groups, for any reason, we open up the possibility of being deficient in the nutrients.

Fast paced lifestyles, urban living and easy access to processed foods regularly prevent us from eating natural, organic, nutrient-rich food.  Even with careful attention to your diet the food that you find at the market probably isn’t as nutritious as it should be.

One of the challenges that people face when practicing restrictive dieting is the elimination of certain foods and therefore the nutrition in them. The best example of this is the Vegan diet, which eliminates all animal-based nutrition, including eggs, milk, and everything else animal related. While there are many benefits to eating as many plant-based foods as possible, complete elimination requires a greater degree of dietary understanding in order to get complete nutrition.

When we eliminate food groups, for any reason, we open the possibility of a nutrient deficiency. Click To Tweet

Vegans and Vegetarians are also not the only people who face “special” dietary challenges

Getting complete nutrition while maintaining a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle requires that a combination of foods be eaten to ensure a supply of all of the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids more easily found in animal foods.  Even if you aren’t vegan, you may benefit from whole-food based supplements that contain certain plant products known to be high in amino acids and other nutrients most commonly found in animal life.

Today, more of us are recognizing food intolerances – wheat, dairy, soy– just to name a few.  When we eliminate food groups, for any reason, we open up the possibility of being deficient in the vitamins that that food group provides. Using food-based nutritional products, superfoods, whole-food supplements, and food-based supplements for example, can help you eliminate some of those challenges.

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Many people simply don’t understand why food-based nutrition is important.

Often this is because whole-food and food-based supplements are labeled differently than “regular” multivitamins. Sometimes the objection is a cost issue, but most people who try superfoods, food-based and whole-food supplements quickly recognize their value.

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You may not know what a “superfood” is – many people don’t.

“Superfoods” are plant-based foods (plants, berries, roots, etc.) which have highly concentrated nutrients.  Superfoods often provide a valuable “macronutrient” such as protein or fruit sugars or a highly concentrated amount of phytonutrients such as anti-oxidants. On any given day you may read that blueberries, goji berries, wheatgrass, or seaweed are the ultimate superfoods but in reality, many fruits and vegetables, concentrated in the right way, can be called superfoods.  Basically, in order for it to be called a “superfood”, it has to be made of food – and it has to pack a powerful nutritional punch.
Whole-food supplements are made entirely of food products using “cryophilization” or a special freeze-drying process that removes all of the water and pulverizes the food into a powder.  Whole-food supplements can be a bit difficult to understand as they don’t often contain clearly labeled amounts of “Vitamin C”, “Calcium” or other known nutrients.  Daily multi-supplements made in the whole-food manner are mixed from a variety of vegetables, fruits and other plants so that a balance of necessary nutrients is provided.  In addition to your daily supply of vitamins and minerals, you also get the added benefits of the phytonutrients and enzymes that you can’t get from a “plain” supplement.
Food-based supplements are based on real food.  In order for a supplement to be “food-based”, a substantial part of the product must be made from food. The supplements may contain a number of clearly identified nutrients (vitamins and minerals) but they may also contain blends of different food products manufactured with the same freeze-drying process used for powdering or extract concentration. Rather than purely made of synthetic vitamins or minerals, many of the nutrients contained in food-based supplements are originally obtained from actual food.

There are many supplements to choose from today but most available products are manufactured with chemical processes – or formulated as a synthetic in a lab. Superfoods, whole-food and food-based supplements are different.  They provide a combination of nutrients that you simply can’t get from a regular supplement.  These phytonutrients can number into the hundreds for each type of plant and could never be extracted into a pill form.  Using the food itself – those nutrients are preserved – in a concentrated form.  You get the nutrition without a lot of menu planning and trying to get certain foods out of season – or having to grow it yourself.

Examples of Superfoods, Food-based and Whole-food Supplements

Supplements based on food contain the entire spectrum of essential nutrients and vitamins in a particular food.  B vitamins are present in high concentrations in yellow, red and green vegetables.  Vitamin A is often present in orange foods such as carrots.  Minerals, including trace minerals, are present in dark green and cruciferous vegetables.  Vitamin C comes from citrus, peppers and tropical fruits – and so on.

Each supplement type contains a different mixture of vitamins, minerals and amino acids which is all important in nutrition, but using the whole food gives you a host of other nutrients found only in nature.  Berries are high in antioxidants, broccoli contains cancer-fighting phytonutrients, tomatoes contain lycopene…most of which are not found in normal supplements – even high quality vitamins and minerals unless they are Food-Based.

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Read the AVivoPur® eBook: “Special Diets & Nutrition”

download avivopur ebook

Specific examples in the aVivoPur line include:

Superfood supplements – with concentrated nutrients

What is a “Superfood”? Easy. Any food that packs a powerful nutritional punch. 

•    Superfood Organic Greens
•    Organic Vegan Protein
•    Organic and Vegan Spirulina                                                
•    Green Tea Extract
•    Organic Cranberry
•    Pure Raw Energy Bites

A Whole Food Supplement gives you balanced nutrition by mixing powdered fruits and veggies! Click To Tweet

Whole-food supplements – made entirely of actual foods or plant products

What is a Whole Food Supplement? One that gives you balanced nutrition by mixing powdered fruits and veggies!

•    Superfood Earth Greens Powder 
•    Organic Vegan Protein
•    Organic and Vegan Spirulina
•    Organic Daily Fiber
•    Green Tea Extract
•    Organic Cranberry
•    Super Krill Omega-3
•    Mega Allicin Garlic
•    Herbal Wellness Booster
•    Natural Colon Cleanse
•    Papaya Enzymes Plus
•    Liver Support

What is a Food Based Supplement? Simply supplements that do not contain synthesized nutrients. Click To Tweet

Food based supplements – made with a substantial blend of nutrients from food

What is a Food Based Supplement? Simply supplements that do not contain synthesized nutrients.

•    Food Based Mega-Multivitamin
•    Healthy Food B-Complex
•    Food Based Calcium & Magnesium
•    Menopause Support Formula
•    Prostate Support Plus
•    Omega-3 Supreme
•    Papaya Enzymes Plus
•    Potent Turmeric Plus
•    Raspberry Ketones Plus

About aVivoPur Supplements: To enhance the body’s ability to heal itself and be healthy and vibrant, we created the purest possible nutritional supplements. AVivoPur products are all-natural, avoiding chemical ingredients, fillers and excipients and using the finest ingredients available along with the highest standards of manufacturing. All products are double verified gluten free, and the majority use vegetarian and/or vegan ingredients and capsules.

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