Sleep Supports Your Immune System

sleep supports your immune systemLike It or Not, Sleep Matters

One of the fastest ways to get, and really FEEL, run down is to not sleep well, or not sleep long enough. Sleeping 8 Hours a Night is the goal for most adults, though children and teens need even more than this.

Regular deep sleep supports your immune system.



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7 Proven Reasons to Sleep #8HoursANight

Dr. Michael Breus reported in his TheInsomniaBlog that while you are asleep your immune system is at its strongest. If you were to be exposed to a virus or other “germ” while asleep, there is some evidence that you may be able to combat the little bugger better.

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Sounds like a good reason to sleep while in a plane, train, or automobile!

Rest is a PureLiving Pillar of health. If you follow our blogs, you will see it come up again, and again… and again. Get your sleep to keep your health.
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