Sleep is a #PureLiving Pillar

Timeless Truth: Sleep When it’s Dark

After oxygen, what is your next strongest biological need?

You can live without water for days. You can live without food for weeks. But like it or not you will fall asleep before you give in to dehydration or undernourishment.

Yet for many people sleep is elusive and it impacts their health and their daily life.

Sleep Impacts Your Health: Consequences of Too Little Sleep

Insufficient sleep is associated with a number of chronic diseases and conditions such as memory problems, a weakening of your immune system, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression. Not getting enough sleep is associated with the onset of these diseases and may also complicate their management.

Sleep deprived people perform worse on drunk driving tests than some drunk drivers. Click To Tweet

Sufficient sleep is not a luxury—it is a necessity—and should be thought of as a vital sign of good health.” Wayne H. Giles, MD, MS, Director, Division of Population Health, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

What can you do?

Timeless Truth tells us to go to bed soon after it is dark, but when’s the last time you did that? Even preschoolers suffer from sleep deprivation when they stay up late with Mom and Dad and get dropped off for daycare early the next morning.

Pure Living Points:

  • Stay on a sleep schedule: Go to bed and get up at the same time every day, even on weekends, holidays and days off. Being consistent reinforces your body’s sleep-wake cycle and helps promote a better night’s sleep.
  • Create a relaxation ritual in the evening. Doing the same things each night tells your body it’s time to wind down. This might include taking a warm bath, reading a book, or listening to soothing music — preferably with the lights dimmed. Relaxing activities promote better sleep by easing the transition between wakefulness and drowsiness.
  • Watch what you eat and drink in the evening. Focus on decaffeinated, alcohol free beverages. Drinking alcohol before bed might make you feel sleepy, but it contributes to middle of the night waking.
  • Turn off the screens in your life at least one hour before bedtime, including movies, TV, computers, and smart phones.
  • Calcium has a relaxing effect on your body and magnesium can help prevent restless leg syndrome.
  • aVivoPur Active Cal-Cit Plus D is formulated to be quickly bioavailable.
  • For some people, temporary supplementation with natural products such as melatonin may help reset their natural sleep rhythms. As with all supplements, use a trusted source.
  • Consider the aVivoPur Magnetic Therapy Mattress Pad, Magnetic Therapy Pillow, and our Magnetic Therapy Eye & Sleep Mask for sleep.
  • See other ideas in our aVivoPur Sleep Guide
After oxygen, what is your next strongest biological need? #healing #Sleep Click To Tweet

Receive the aVivoPur Sleep ebook Note: If you have serious trouble getting to and staying asleep, seek outside help. Medical, chiropractic, massage and other options may be useful.

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