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Have you ever wondered why the flu season is in January? Isn’t “the flu” a virus that is around all year long?

In light of the recent announcements that the flu vaccine given this year has “missed the mark” and will not protect well against the flu strain that appears to have the most momentum, understanding “flu” season before you get it could help prevent it.

The flu is a virus. Chances are, you have a form of flu virus and many other viral and bacterial buggers in you right now. We all do. But our bodies come with a very efficient and often very active immune system as well which generally keeps these pests under control.

What happens in January, you may ask. The problem is not January. It’s what comes before January—parties, sugary food and drink, cookies, late nights, stress, and more. The longest night of the year is coming up, December 21, which means many people in the northern climates have not seen natural sunlight for weeks, and their vitamin D levels may be getting low. All of these things add up, and bring us down.

Ah-Choo! So what can you do?

Timeless Truth: The best medicine is always prevention Click To Tweet

Timeless Truth:  The best medicine is always prevention. Just do those things you “know” you should do during the holidays to keep your health:

holiday health
making good choices today keeps you healthy tomorrow
  • Make sure you are drinking water frequently throughout the day. Coffee and beer may be liquids but sugar, caffeine, and alcohol are stressful to your liver and detrimental to quality sleep.
  • Take a stress break. Even if exercise is not easy to get to these days, find some way to move your body and get more oxygen to your cells. An extra lap around the mall?
  • Enjoy the tastes of the season, but just taste! Then find some good foods to fill you up or better yet get away from the food table and have more fulfilling conversations.
  • Supplement your diet if you are not getting enough nutrients from whole, unprocessed foods. If you don’t drink milk, eat fortified cereals, or spend time in the sun daily without sunscreen, then a vitamin D supplement could help boost your mood and your immune system. This next month in the Pure Living Update we will discuss other immune supportive foods and supplements.
Best Source of vitamin C?

Answer this question quickly: What is the best source of vitamin C? An orange, right? Good work, orange growers associations! Actually there is more vitamin C in a bell pepper.

Pop question number two: What do B vitamins do for you? Many people know these are the true “happy” vitamins, affecting mood and energy.

Question three: What is a good source of B vitamins? Did I stump you? (Those orange growers did a good job didn’t they!) Click here for details on the B vitamins and their best sources.

Keeping on top of your health will be your best defense against the flu this year.  You can’t leave it up to this year’s ineffective flu shot, so it is up to you.  Time to be the grown up.

Health Report
Pure Living in a Modified World

Learn more Timeless Tips in our Pure Living in a Modified World free report and may the end of this year, and the beginning of 2015 be happy, and healthy.

Happy Holidays!

CDC’s Press Release December 4, 2014

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