Pondering the Passing of Prince–a personal post

2016 has already seen many great artists and performers leave this world. Recently, the composer of the musical score of my teen and young adult life passed away unexpectedly at age 57. As I am pondering the passing of Prince, I hope my words, and his legacy, will inspire you. Take a walk with me, think a little about Starfish and Coffee, and let me know your thoughts while we grieve together.

Pondering the Passing of PrincePondering the Passing of Prince

Was Prince Special?

See the outpouring on Twitter and Facebook, the monuments around the world made purple for the night. The answer is an obvious YES, right?

Of course.

Prince was special, just as you are special.

He was no more or less special than you, or your barista, or mailman. He had exceptional talent. Mind bending inspiration. He wrote music that formed the backdrop of many lives, including mine, and was often called the most influential artist of the 1980s. His particular talent may be recognized worldwide but I argue that does not make him more special that anyone else.

I think he would agree with me.

Making a Difference.

Growing up in Minneapolis, going to the clubs and music venues meant hoping and even expecting to see Prince at some point. In my life, however, I only saw him when I attended his concerts. But dozens of times I found myself at Bunkers on Washington Ave watching the drummer from The New Power Generation play with another band  , and I would find myself starting to check out the door. Would Prince arrive too? It was known to happen.

Prince appeared at other venues, too, even spontaneously going onstage and playing with bands. Jeremy Ylvisaker, from another fantastically musical family, was my neighbor growing up. One night while on stage a man approached and said his boss wanted to join in and play. He didn’t say who his boss was, but Jeremy said yes figuring it was some business exec who wanted 5 minutes on stage and why not, music is for everyone. But it was Prince. Wow. Can you imagine? Talk about saying YES at the right time!

Sounds like I’m painting a picture of someone who is pretty exceptionally special.

But it happens in your life too. Or it could. It should. Baby, You’re a Star, too.

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At some point in your life, you’ve been the one to make the difference. Maybe you solved a problem in a way no one else could. Maybe you have that laugh, or that ability to make others laugh, which lights up a room.

Maybe your passion is running and because you run and are so dedicated to running, even after fighting breast cancer, you inspire others to take a look at their lives and fight harder to do more.

That’s special. Really special.

So is being a great parent. Or taking time to volunteer. To stand up for something you believe in. Did you know Prince was instrumental in launching many women in the music business?

Find Your Calling. Do What It Takes.

Prince obviously did.

Our Guest Blogs are full of these types of special people.

Every one of these people have changed and continue to change lives. They are an inspiration.

Just like Prince. Just like you.

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What Would YOUR Guest Blog be?

Many may guess that “Prince” was a name he took on, but he was born Prince Roger Nelson, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His parents were both musicians, and his father played in a trio called the Prince Roger Trio, which was Prince’s namesake. Life was not easy, reports say he lived an unstable and even sickly early life, but I believe he took those challenges, overcame them, and he might never have emerged had he lived a different life.

Prince owned his name. Purple is a royal color, and he was Prince.

What is your name? How did you get it? Who were your parents and how has knowing or not knowing them influenced you? I’d love to hear your answers. (comment below!)

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Music was Prince’s passion from a young age. He wrote a song on his father’s keyboard at age 7. Soon he could play most any instrument, and was compared with Stevie Wonder when he was a teenager. At 17, he had a six figure contract to produce albums for Warner Brothers.

Not all of us have such a clear gift, but natural talent is not the only option! Still, who you are, at your core, helps guide finding and following your calling.

What is YOUR passion?

What inspires you to stay up late? If your answer is “nothing” then I challenge you to go back a few years, or a few decades. What WAS your passion? As a kid, as a teen, what would you spend your time doing or learning or daydreaming about? Perhaps there was a defining moment when things changed dramatically for you, and life has never been the same.

  • Prince took his passion, his talents, his fortune, and created music that has inspired millions. He wrote songs for other singers, popular songs you might never guess he wrote. He also quietly used his influence and money to support charities and people all over the world.
  • I avoided surgery 20 years ago because I tried magnetic therapy, at my mother-in-law’s request more than my own faith in alternative or complementary medicine. That changed everything. Now I’ve made it my mission to help people seek more natural options to health and wellness. Prince’s passing has just reminded me that this passion is as important and valid as his.
  • Christer Berg worked for years building up other successful businesses. Just a few years ago he picked up his camera again, and his passion was reignited. Now he is creating award winning art, and showcasing the extraordinary in the ordinary.
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Now for the most important question: What are you going to do with YOUR passion?

Do #WhateverItTakes to get #BackInTheGame. If anything is holding you back, find the coach, the product, or whatever you need to break free and live the life you were meant to live.

There is no guarantee how long you have. I’ll end with these words from Prince’s song, “Let’s Pretend We’re Married”

Whatever you heard about me is true
I change the rules and do what I wanna do
I’m in love with God, he’s the only way
‘Cuz you and I know we gotta die some day
If you think I’m crazy, you’re probably right
But I’m gonna have fun every motherf*ckin’ night
If you like 2 fight, you’re a double-drag fool
I’m goin’ 2 another life, how ’bout you?

How do you feel right now? Please post below in comments. Thanks for sharing this journey with me.

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Prince scored my teen and young adult life. I’ll be adding to this in the coming days, weeks, who knows? I mourn of the loss of Prince’s potential to create new work in my life, and am introspectively examining lyrics and songs which have inspired me. Read at your own risk! This could get crazy.

The song 1999 was released in 1982. I was 13 years old, and already calculated that when it became 1999 I would be 29. You know, old. I remember wondering if the song would last, and still be played. It was, of course. In 1987 the double album Sign ‘O the Times was released. My freshman year college friends and I made a special trip to Uptown Minneapolis to see the premier of the movie at the historic Uptown Theater that November. To this day I know every word of those two albums, even the more obscure tracks such as “Housequake” and “Starfish & Coffee” which are two of my favorites.

By far 1999 and Sign ‘O the Times are the two albums I’ve listened to most. Prince inspired me to think about God, to appreciate the different, to feel I was OK being a whole person, even a sensual person, which in America is somewhat scorned. For me, he called the different beautiful. I wanted Starfish and Coffee to be about me. “All of us were ordinary, compared to Cynthia Rose. She always stood at the back of the line, a smile beneath her nose….if you set your mind free baby maybe you’ll understand, starfish and coffee, maple syrup and jam.”

…more soon.

With Love,


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2 Responses to “Pondering the Passing of Prince–a personal post”

  1. Jill Bolster

    I, like you, was also a huge Prince Fan. My large group of friends and I would drive up and down a popular street on the weekends blaring his album 1999 , thinking we were just as cool as he was. I was 14 when the album came out and remember thinking that 1999 sure was a long way off. Now as I am approaching 50 at the end of February, I realize that back then I was very passionate about what I wanted to do with my life but at the age of 15 I was diagnosed with 2 life threatening illnesses that changed the course of my life forever. I became seriously ill with Lupus and Scleroderma and knowing very little back then, I was basically told to go home and get my affairs in order as I probably had 4-6 months to live. My life has been nothing but a bunch of challenges ever since but from the beginning I told myself I was a strong gal and I would never give up the good fight. I always wanted to become a veterinarian but those dreams never came true. Now as I approach 50, I feel so incomplete and empty. I wish I could go back to school and make my dreams a reality but really think at my age and my health being so unpredictable, what is the point. I could go on and on but this kind of summarizes my life in a nutshell. Thank you for listening.I’m so glad I stumbled across your site. I would really appreciate any feedback. #stuckinarut, Jill Bolster

    • aVivoPur

      Hi Jill, thanks for commenting on this blog, and sharing your story. When I started this company I did it exactly for you, and people like you, feeling like somehow life got away from them. Did you know that “a vivo” is Spanish for “to live” and that is why we call ourselves aVivoPur? Our mission is to help people get #BackInTheGame of life, living the life you CAN STILL LIVE. None of us can go back to being 25 years old, but we can feel the best possible for our current age and situation. It’s never too late to take a positive step forward. Read the blog post about Kenny Peterson, who started martial arts at the young age of 60. In 2016 he earned his 5th degree black belt. Please read his story!

      So what next? Start with something you can do without too much effort, but which will bring you forward. Please download our free eBook The Seven Secrets to Lasting Improvement, and follow the first few secrets. Then give us a call. We’d love to talk to you, and know many wonderful coaches who may be able to help as well. Thank you Jill, and I hope we can be a partner in the next part of your journey! Sincerely, LeAnn


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