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Empowered Caregiving by Hadassah

avivopur.comWhether we realize it or not, we are all caregivers in some way. Sometimes we are caring for children, other times we are assisting the elderly. Even going to work, buying groceries at the store, and meeting the needs of our family all fall under the ‘Caregiving’ category.

Caregivers give more than just their time, they give their energy, their emotions, basically their entire selves to others. Giving care to our children, our parents, and/or our spouses can give us some of the most rewarding experiences, but it can also cause us to become depleted and experience ‘burnout’.

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True Self-Care for Caregivers

When you spend much of your time giving to others, without personally feeling fulfilled, you find yourself on a dangerous road. Those times you yell at your kids for doing something so small; the fight with your wife that you can’t remember how it started; even trying to avoid your parents can all be the results of burnout. The best way to combat burnout is Self-Care.

When people talk about Self-Care usually they mean taking time out of your day to do the things that you love in order to refuel, such as enjoying your favorite hobby, going to a movie, etc. However, ‘Self-Care’ is meant to be a deeper experience than just activities that take us out of our day to day responsibilities.

True Self-Care allows us to be better caregivers for others but is mainly about fulfilling our own desires so we can be even more fulfilled in our lives, our environments, and our relationships overall. If we don’t take the time for this unique, set-apart experience of true self-care to get in touch with ourselves and understand what we need, how are we supposed to be quality caregivers?

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All About You

Think back to the last person you gave care to. I bet you know a lot about them, right, what they like, what they don’t like. You know what their weaknesses are, how to motivate them, or even inspire them to try something new. You know the in’s and out’s of that person even better than they do!

So, if that is what giving quality care is all about why don’t we take that same amount of time and energy giving quality Self-Care?

Do you know what motivates you? What inspires you? What gives you that top-notch energy to do the next best thing for your own life? Caregivers tend to put ourselves on the back burner a lot, but true Self-Care allows us to not only take that much-needed step back but also motivates and fulfills us on a deeper personal level.

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Why I Help Caregivers nicole maggioAs a caregiver, I can attest to the importance of true Self-Care. When I was younger I used to go SO far out of my way for my friends that they used to call me “Mama”. It was funny at first, but the more time went on the more burnt out I got.

I waited desperately for someone to care for me with just as much thoughtfulness and creativity as I did for them. What I didn’t realize at the time is that not everyone is capable or willing to give me the care I needed.

On the flip side, I was so focused on caring for other people that I wasn’t taking care of myself. I wasn’t fueling my passions, releasing my emotions, or fulfilling my desires. Helping everyone else fulfill their desires in the moment left me behind.

I wasn’t really living. When my life truly turned around was when I understood and applied True Self-Care.

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How I Help Caregivers

Applying True Self-Care can be a difficult process on your own. Our lives are full and many times can become so repetitive that we find ourselves stuck in a cycle. Sometimes we need that person to come alongside and help us find a new pathway that not only allows us to care for others but also ensures that we are being cared for.

Initially, most people reach out to others that they know to ask for help, but again, not everyone is capable or willing to give the care you need. My passion is to show people how to have their own journey of True Self-Care in order to be fulfilled in your own life and be the empowered caregiver that this world desperately needs.

Thank you for reading this post. My gift to AVivoPur Blog readers is to invite you to schedule your Free 30 Minute Discovery Session with me.  Unfold the truth of your desires and start fulfilling them together.

When hope is deferred it makes the heart sick, but when desire is fulfilled it is a tree of life.

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BIO: Nicole ‘Hadassah’ Maggio – ASS/CHLC
Coach, Nicole ‘Hadassah’ Maggio shows people how to live an empowered life and beyond, so they can be the brightest version of themselves every day and fulfilled their heart’s desires. Her background in health, fitness, relationship coaching, and visionary expression makes accomplishment and success inevitable, fun, and simple. She is currently using her skills, as an inevitable success coach and a master of habit change, to create a program (soon to be a foundation) for recovering alcoholics. Meeting them after treatment as they get back to their normal day-to-day lives, where the real work begins, she gives her expertise for low to no cost through fundraising and sponsorship programs. Hadassah is a dedicated woman on a mission to see results in business, in life, and in communities around the globe as she lives and breaths her motto, “If you can change an individual you can change a community”.
Check her out on YouTube or Facebook, for more information about her passion to work with recovering alcoholics.

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