Personal Post: My Uber Super Bowl Experience (Part Two—Injury Time Out)
My daughter can drive…No More Taxi Driver for me!

No More Taxi Driver—HA!

I’ve been a mom for over 18 ½ years. When our youngest daughter passed her behind the wheel driving test I posted on my Facebook page the following milestone: No More Taxi Driver.

Six months later I’m driving complete strangers around in my car during Super Bowl week. Tell me there isn’t some humor in that!

How different could it be driving for Uber than driving my kids around? I could make a few comparisons, especially between random strangers and teenage girls.

  • They will talk if they want to talk.
  • If they don’t talk, they don’t want you to talk.
  • If they do talk, they may still not want you to talk.
  • They may do things in your car that you wish they would not.
  • If something happens, say you are injured; you will still drive them and not complain.

By Thursday, my 3rd official day of driving for Uber, things started really heating up for the Super Bowl, but the weather was bitter cold. I had already met my first celebrity, and now I was officially an Uber Select vehicle, excited to see who might request my services now that I had a higher price point.

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Realities & Injury

I learned by now that there are a couple of things you need to do when you can, and not just wait until you must: stop for gasoline and find a bathroom, ideally NOT when the busy times were happening.

By the way, there are not a lot of gas stations near downtown Minneapolis.

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So during a lull in the early afternoon Friday I found a gas station but every gas pump was filled, as was every parking space for people going inside. I milled around for a bit until a pump opened up, bounced foot to foot in the cold while waiting for my tank to fill, then dashed into the station to take care of other business.

I wandered around picking up a salad and looking for a grapefruit beverage I’ve grown fond of, and apparently, I took too long. A grumpy man found me and asked how long I was going to block the pump.


So I rushed out, my right foot (my driving foot) hit some black ice, my ankle twisted, and down I went. Both knees scraped, both hands hurt, and I just lay in the parking lot assessing the damage.

No one stopped to help. As I worked my way to stand, the grumpy man came out of the station, saw me still struggling to get up, shook his head and walked away.

My right foot (my driving foot) hit some black ice, my ankle twisted, and down I went. Click To Tweet


I limped to my car and thought my Uber driving days were already over. Sure enough, it was painful to use the foot pedal and the brake was miserable. I pushed through it long enough to get home.

But I didn’t get to go directly home. Before I could turn my app off, I found myself booked to drive someone. Do I cancel and turn down the chance to meet someone new? Or make it happen. Motherhood and business instincts said go, and I went. After I dropped off the ride at the Air B&B, I headed home, making sure to turn off my Uber app this time.

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Decision Decisions

Once home I assessed the full damage. Ankle badly swollen, both knees scrapped quite badly. No scrapes on my hands, just painful to touch. mangetic therapy products
Our in-foffice AVivoPur model, Ice.

On go the magnets— a High Powered wrap for the sprained ankle, knee sleeve on the most banged up knee. I elevated and iced my ankle for a bit while staring at the TV with my daughter, but I was not watching. I was weighing my options. Give up on my goal of finishing this week out, or push forward even through the pain?

When my daughter left to go to work at 5pm, I tested my ankle and the magnets had already done some good. I decided to go out again and give it a whirl. I could always come home again; the best part of being a business owner or even an Uber driver is being able to set my own hours!

10 hours later I returned home and checked my ankle. The pain was not so bad, but it was swollen where the wrap had not covered it. I was resting it, but not icing or elevating. Tomorrow I would have to do something different.

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Back on the Road

My first stop on Saturday was the aVivoPur office.

I traded in my single seat cushion for an AVivoPur Double Car Seat Cushion and added a Super Magnetic Block and a knee wrap to my collection of magnets to use. My right ankle still had the high power ankle wrap around my Ugg boot, left knee still had the knee tube, but now the right knee got the knee wrap and the block went down on the floor to the side of my right foot for a stronger magnetic field.

I was starting to look like the mannequin in our office we affectionately call Ice!

By 2 pm Saturday I was on my way again! 14 hours later, 4am Sunday morning, my ankle was hardly swollen at all. Magnets are amazing!

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