Personal Post: My Uber Super Bowl Experience (Part 3—Conclusions) Uber Super Bowl Experience #SB52The End of my Uber Super Bowl Experience

My decision to drive for Uber during Super Bowl 52 created momentary pleasures and some actual pain. Meeting a Super Bowl winner on my 4th ride and spraining my ankle on my 4th day were all part of it.

I’ll share a few more stories. These are the ones that make the 60 hours of driving, 3 days in a row until about 4am, worth it.

But First

Before you think Uber is all glamorous, it’s not. I drove plenty of drunk people. Uber was actually started with the idea of preventing people from drinking and driving. Since I have unfortunately been hit by a drunk driver, am happy to help with that mission. Especially since no one got sick in my car!

People say I must have made a lot of money, and while I won’t complain about it, it was still trading dollars for hours. When reading about other Uber driver’s experience, I made more in those 6 days than some people do in several weeks of driving Uber. However, the real value was in the people I met.

Most of them, anyway.

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Another Known Personality

Saturday night I had a ride request from “Tim.” (Uber drivers only get first names.)

Maybe I had other personalities or A-listers in my car, but I have no idea. I am grateful that the cool ones, Shaun and Tim, told me enough of who they were but not in any way that was boastful or rude.

Tim and the other rider were pleasant on the short trip, and as we concluded the ride I mentioned that my husband’s grandfather played for the Packers long ago. He asked the name, and I could not recall. But he said something about being on a TV ESPN show, and when I later asked my husband about a sports personality named Tim he immediately and correctly identified Tim Hasselbeck.

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Coffee = Friend

Saturday afternoon I received my first call to a nondescript warehouse location in the North Loop. Judging from the number of other cars and the dress of the people they were picking up, I knew this had been some gathering not open to the public. I would return to this location many other times, dropping off and picking up people from the famous Maxim parties held here over the coming days.

The woman who finally found my car was tall and pretty, dressed in tall spiky boots and clothes that looked not-off-the-rack. The snow from the previous day was still making things slushy, salty and gross. I didn’t know how far she would be traveling, but I offered her a cup of coffee for the ride.

“You have coffee? You Minnesota people do this right!”

That morning I had filled three thermoses full of boiling hot water and the individual packs of Organo Black Coffee and Latte. On a freezing cold day, I thought this would be a fun thing to offer!

Long story short, between the coffee and a long drive, we got to know each other a bit. Both of us business owners, both of us moms, both of us passionate about giving back. I learned about Karma International and shared with her my new position as a Launch Director in training for BNI MN. We hit it off, and at the end of the ride, Sonata and I agreed to keep in touch.

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Conclusion #1

Driving for Uber was definitely a bit of an out of the box way to experience Super Bowl LII.

Would I recommend it to others? Maybe. If you…

  • Enjoy people.
  • Realize you will be very sedentary (The AVivoPur Double Chair Seat made me more comfortable!)
  • Understand will be trading hours for dollars, which is fine but not a way to get rich.
  • Are willing to drive people who will not give you the time of day; remember their dollar spends just the same as the people you like.
  • Want to make the most money, you will work while others are out enjoying themselves.

Conclusion #2 LeAnn Lyon Sonata Uber Super Bowl #SB52Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.

I was lucky and met people I may be able to do business with in ways that are not dollar for hours. During the course of 60 hours and 70+ rides, I met:

  • Some coffee guys from Boston who need a great bar for their coffee shops. Our Raw Energy Bite bars will be a good fit.
  • The part-owner of a mattress company I look forward to talking to more about our Magnetic Therapy Mattress Pads.
  • A local woman business owner who wants to know more about BNI.
  • Many people who were interested in healthy coffee.
  • Noteworthy personalities who introduced themselves included Shaun and Tim. Others kept to themselves. Cest la vie.

Best of all, the ONE person I ever managed to make a coffee for has also become a friend. My whole Uber Super Bowl Experience is worth it just for that!

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