Movement Matters in 7 Surprising Ways

Movement Matters in 7 Surprising Ways

Many people are focused on their diets when they think about health and wellness, especially if they are trying to lose weight. This is a good thing! Results in weight loss and fitness will come 70% from diet (what you eat), and 30% from exercise.

Exercise does need to be part of the equation, like it or not. But many people mistakenly believe it is just about building muscle. Building muscle is important, but not the only reason exercise is critical to your health.

This blog will explore 7 surprising ways movement matters for more than “just” your muscles.

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7 Surprising Ways Movement Matters

Movement Matters #1: Strengthens Your Bones

bone strength

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  • Importance of bone strength
  • Who needs to focus on building bone strength – everyone!
  • The best form of exercise for building bone strength
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exercise strenghtens your lungs

Movement Matters #2: Strengthens Your Lungs (and Heart)

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  • Exercise increases your body’s ability to use oxygen most efficiently
  • Getting more fit during your day with 10 minutes of exercise here and there
  • Owner’s personal story on the benefits of interval training
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accidental injuryMovement Matters #3: Reduces and Prevents Injury

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  • Accidents happen
  • Equipping your body to handle the unexpected
  • Exercise helps your body react better to unexpected falls
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Movement Matters #MovementMattersMovement Matters #4: For Clear Healthy Skin

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  • Importance of sweat when exercising
  • Functions of skin for the body
  • What can impact the functions of your skin and other organs
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movemet matters digestionMovement Matters #5: Good Digestion

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  • How exercise helps stimulate digestion
  • Adding fiber to your diet
  • Ways to boost your digestion if fiber and more exercise fail
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#movementmatters brain health happy

Movement Matters #6: For a Happy Healthy Brain

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  • Anything good for the body is good for the brain
  • How 20 minutes of exercise can help your brain
  • Morning exercise benefits to the brain
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#movementmatters sex drive

Movement Matters #7: To Increase Sex Drive

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  • The study behind exercise and increased sex drive
  • Improvements in sexual health vary between sexes
  • Best exercises to improve sexual function
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