Magnetic Therapy- Why North Pole?

North Pole Polarity–Most Important!

Polarity is one of 5 factors considered when creating properly designed magnetic therapy products. For details on all five areas please see our blog post, “Magnetic Therapy-What to Look For.

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The direction electrons move within a magnetic field is polarity.

North polarity is counterclockwise, South polarity is clockwise, and the rotation changes at the equator of the magnet, not the point at which the magnetic field turns back toward its opposite. As a result of the opposite energetic rotation, the South Pole has a directly opposite effect of the North Pole.diff-bet-north-and-south-graphic-low-rez.jpg

North Pole vs. South Pole might be fundamental, but it’s absolutely the most important feature to understand. Magnetic research has revealed there is a significant difference between North Pole and South Pole energy. They are in fact true opposites.

Pain, inflammation, bruising, infection, and most other applications require the use of the North Pole. The South Pole is not used in these cases because bacteria, viruses, and cancer could be stimulated also. For more detailed information about how this affects healing within our bodies check out our article The Healing Effects of Magnetic Therapy”

Magnetic research has shown a significant difference between North and South Pole energy. Click To Tweet


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