Magnetic Therapy- What to Look For

It’s increasingly popular to use some sort of alternative therapy. Chiropractic has become fairly accepted, even covered by some health insurances. Massage, acupuncture, Reiki, and aromatherapy are also gaining acceptance as methods to help treat pain, injury, and even illness. Magnetic therapy ranks as one of the more successful of these alternative therapies, many of which, including magnetic therapy, have been around for thousands of years.

“It has been clinically established that north pole energy arrests protein activity, draws fluids, contracts, vaso-constricts, increases alkalinity, acts to sedate or inhibit pain, decreases activity, increases potassium ions, decreases abnormal calcium ions and decreases hydrogen ion concentration. The north pole can be said to be the normalizing energy. It normalizes the alkaline state of the body but never produces an over-alkalinized condition. It oxygenates the body but never produces oxidized free radicals. It has a normalizing effect no matter how long the exposure.”

Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer



Magnetic therapy has been found to:

  • Reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Improve circulation
  • Enhance your body’s utilization of healthful foods and herbal supplements
  • Make exercise and physical therapy more effective.

As its popularity grows, so do the number of companies selling magnetic products. How do you know you’re getting quality, well-made, well-researched, magnetic therapy products? Knowing more about magnets themselves will make decoding product descriptions easier and help you distinguish between effective and ineffective products.

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When most people hear the word magnet, they think of either refrigerator magnets or “horseshoe” magnets used in industry and science class. These are perfect examples of magnets not to use for health.

  • Refrigerator magnets are low energy and penetration, just enough to stick, and have alternating polarity (north and south poles) to help them stick just a little bit better.
  • The “horseshoe” magnet is much stronger and penetrates further, but one end is North Pole energy and the other end is South Pole energy—not good for health uses, as we will discuss in this article.

Even magnets “made for health” are not equal. In order for a magnet to provide effective magnetic therapy, it must combine all the important attributes of a quality magnetic therapy product—

  • Polarity—North pole, south pole, or alternating polarity
  • Gauss—also referred to as the energy of the magnet
  • Penetration—how far the energy reaches.
  • Spacing of the magnets when placed with other magnets
  • Frequency—ability to interact healthfully with the body

Properly designed magnetic therapy devices can check off all five of these attributes. They work as a team and missing even one member can result in  an ineffectual product.

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“Pur North” Technology
aVivoPur™ carefully designs our products with strong magnets at just the right spacing and frequency so that their penetrating north pole energies envelope the body and provide you with all the healing benefits such as:

  • Relieving discomfort
  • Fighting infections and harmful bacteria
  • Promoting natural healing
  • Reducing inflammation

Let’s Start With the Basics

aVivoPur™ products have been designed with all five of the above mentioned factors in mind. Knowing what these are is the first step.  Understanding what they mean, however, allows you to evaluate the quality of our products and our competitors as well. Knowing the vocabulary can make all the difference.

Polarity–Most Important!

The direction electrons move within a magnetic field is polarity. North polarity is counterclockwise, South polarity is clockwise, and the rotation changes at the equator of the magnet, not the point at which the magnetic field turns back toward its opposite. As a result of the opposite energetic rotation, the South Pole has a direct opposite effect of the North Pole.diff-bet-north-and-south-graphic-low-rez.jpg

North Pole vs. South Pole might be fundamental, but it’s absolutely the most important feature to understand. Magnetic research has revealed that there is a significant difference between North Pole and South Pole energy. They are in fact true opposites.

Pain, inflammation, bruising, infection, and most other applications require the use of the North Pole. The South Pole is not used in these cases because bacteria, viruses, and cancer could be stimulated also. For more detailed information about how this affects healing within our bodies, check out our article The Healing Effects of Magnetic Therapy”

Energy (Gauss)

Magnetic strength or energy is measured in gauss. In comparing magnetic products you may have seen or heard the word gauss used to infer high amounts of magnetic power in a product. We have found this rating, when used by itself, to be misleading.

Gauss only describes the strength of a magnet itself and does not completely indicate the bio-availability, the effective magnetism delivered into your body, of the product. Magnetic energy decreases rapidly as you move away from a magnet. As an example, a magnet that has a surface gauss of 900-1,000 (often called 3,950 gauss to make it sound even more powerful) may only produce a residual 3 gauss, 5 inches away. In other words, gauss by itself is misleading and almost useless out of context. It is very possible, and even typical, that a given 1,000 gauss, properly designed bio-magnetic product may be more beneficial to your body than a 5,000 gauss, improperly designed product.

Complicating this rating further, are the three common measurements of gauss: residual induction gauss, surface gauss, and residual gauss.


  • Residual Induction Gauss, “br” or “Manufacturer’s Rating” is commonly used to report the gauss rating of a magnet because it implies greater strength from its larger numbers. This rating however is simply the magnetic force that was required to originally magnetize the magnet. The Manufacturer’s Rating will always show as a higher gauss because it relates to inside the magnet versus the gauss measured on its surface.
  • Surface Gauss is the actual holding force of a magnet at its surface and is much more meaningful when evaluating magnetic therapy magnets.
  • Residual Gauss (measured with a magnetometer) is the best gauss measurement as it is a true measurement of what is actually going into your body, as shown in the sketch to the left.

Typically, if you see a product with a gauss listed at 3,700 gauss or higher they are using the less informative Manufacturer’s Rating.  See the chart for an approximate comparison.

Gauss Comparrison Chart
Typical Magnet Types Surface Gauss Manufacturer’s Rating  Residual Gauss of one magnet at 2”
Plastiform Flexible Magnet  300-500  2,450  1 gauss
Small Ceramic Magnets, 1000 (surface) gauss 600-1,200  2,300-3.950  2 gauss
High Power Rare Earth Magnet  1,200-4,000  8,700-12,500  5 gauss
 Iron Magnet
(a “horse shoe” magnet) 
 600-800  8,000  1-3 gauss
Did You Know?
“The positive magnetic field [South Pole] spins electrons clockwise while the negative magnetic [Pur North Pole] spin electrons counterclockwise. These opposite electron spin from opposite magnetic poles provides predictable opposite biological response.”

Dr. William H Philpott




Penetration is the distance traveled by magnetic energy into the body. The thickness, type of magnet, and gauss strength all determine how far the energy travels and the effectiveness of the magnetic product. This can easily be measured with a magnetometer (pictured here). See the chart below for a few examples of aVivoPur magnets and their penetration rates.

Therapeutic Penetration

Penetration (residual magnetism)
@ 5 Gauss 
(one magnet)

aVivoPur™  Premier Neo-Disc   4.5″
Small Ceramic 1000 gauss (surface) magnets 1.5″
Small High Power Rare Earth 4000 gauss (surface) magnets 2.5″
The aVivoPur™ Block 12.0″




Spacing & Placement (number of magnets)

In products using more than one magnet, spacing is very important. Magnets spaced properly work together, rather than individually, and enhance each other’s energy to form a complete circuit among themselves and ultimately throughout the body.

Spacing is arguably the most difficult aspect to do correctly as it is different for each type and size of magnet. Magnetic mattress pads are a great example of common spacing errors. See photos above for a comparison between the placement in our mattress pads and that of our competitors.



The speed in which the energy travels is measured in frequency (hertz). The frequency of the magnet must be in tune with the frequency of our bodies in order to provide benefits and be safe to the body. Magnets not specifically designed for therapeutic reasons may attract metal well, but may be ineffective or harmful to the body.


It’s All About Quality and Effectiveness

aVivoPur™ is dedicated to producing only the highest quality products backed by years of research. Understanding the background and commitments of the company offering the magnet products is just as important as the five criteria we’ve already discussed. Look for quality educational materials that demonstrate their true understanding of magnetic therapy. If they can’t explain how it aids your overall health then they probably can’t make a dependable, or safe, product either!

We’re committed to helping you achieve #PureLiving. 

Being healthy and pain free is important, but it’s only one step toward achieving the 5 PureLiving Pillars and true whole-being health. Everything works in unison; magnet therapy can help encourage natural healing, which allows you to move without discomfort. It can encourage oxygenation of your cells, which aids in detoxifying them as well. It can help your body process nutrients to better nourish and hydrate your body, and it can aid in the production of melatonin to help you achieve a more restful sleep.

Together these Five Pillars can help you be a healthier and happier person.ϯ Download our report, “Pure Living in a Modified World” for more information.

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