Magnetic Therapy- Make It Work For You

Making Magnetic Therapy Work for You

Using magnetic therapy is simple, but like many things that are new, getting started with magnetic therapy can potentially be daunting. It’s different, and alternative, and it’s not as mainstream as the BandAid. You’re bound to have questions and misconceptions. We have a great series of blog posts on our site to help you understand magnetic therapy from beginning to end, up and down, inside and out. Once you gain an understanding of why it works you’re bound to want to take the plunge and see for yourself why it has been so successful for centuries.

Using magnetic therapy is simple, but like many new things, getting started can be daunting. Click To Tweet

But now that you have the product, what do you do? Are there good and bad ways to use it? How do you know it’s working? Can you use it all the time? Should you use it all the time? While the best way to use magnetic therapy is personal, and different for everyone, there are some basic guidelines to follow.


It may be simple, but placement is an important guideline. If your properly-designed magnetic therapy product is not where it should be, it may take longer than necessary to produce the relief you desire. Or, if it’s wrong side out and putting South Pole (+) polarity to the body, it may even amplify your discomfort! Luckily, it’s easy to get this right:

  • Place your aVivoPur magnetic product directly over the area to be treated, or wherever you have found it to be most effective.
  • Make certain the Pur North pole is always facing your body. Don’t worry, we label it for you!

NOTE: Research and decades of use has proven the (-) polarity of a magnet(s) is the polarity effective for healing.  Many companies call this “North Pole,” however just as many call (-) polarity “South Pole” and call their (+) polarity products “North Pole.”   It can get even more confusing as magnets for health have also been referred to as North or South Seeking. Always read a company’s literature to understand their chosen nomenclature and verify which pole they are recommending. For more information about North and South Pole magnetism click here.

Did You Know?
The Physicists Davis and Rwals observed an opposite biological response to opposite magnetic poles. They set the stage for understanding that the response to separate magnetic poles can be as predicable for biological responses as the use of electromagnetism used in our industrial world.

We understand there are hard to reach (hard to treat) places on your body and it’s not always easy, or comfortable, to hold a therapeutic magnet in place. We have many products designed as solutions for this very problem. The magnetic mattress pad is particularly easy to use. Just lie down!

Wear It

Therapeutic magnets won’t help if you don’t use them. Wear the product for a significant period of time and design your own wearing schedule. You may achieve your desired outcome within five minutes or several weeks. For instance, magnetic treatment for discomfort may take minutes or a week, while joint problems may take a month. Treatment of internal organs with the Super Magnetic Block might even take up to six months. Every person is different and there are no hard and fast rules or universal schedules to follow. One thing you can definitely count on? The more you wear or use your properly designed therapeutic magnet product, the more benefits you’ll receive.

Cooperate with your body

Magnetic therapy is a natural option to encourage better health and healing. Click To Tweet

Magnetic therapy is a natural option to encourage better health and healing. Unlike pharmaceuticals, it works alongside your body’s natural response to injury or sickness by assisting and encouraging what your body is already doing. Because it works with instead of against or around your body’s natural functions, it’s important to understand what those are and where and how they may need help (check out this article for more information about magnetic therapy and its effects on the body).

Tailoring your magnetic therapy to your body’s needs will produce the greatest effects, and it may take time and a little experimentation. However, there are a few places everyone should start:

  • While the body is sleeping it is most receptive to healing, restoration and rejuvenation. Wear your properly-designed magnetic therapy products, especially while you sleep, in addition to your normal daytime routine.
  • If you find the product uncomfortable to sleep in you can use a properly designed Pur North Pole (-) polarity magnetic mattress pad.
  • Make sure you follow the placement guidelines for your various magnetic product options. Start by placing the magnets directly over the injured or painful area. If this doesn’t seem to produce the relief you’d like then try moving it just above the injury, i.e. between the area to be treated and your heart.
  • Combine your magnetic therapy with targeted nutritional supplements as magnetic energy can increase the effectiveness of vitamins, minerals, and herbs. After all, a healthy body encourages healthy body parts! (Read more about how these two therapies work together- Achieving A Balanced Body)
Tailoring your magnetic therapy to your body’s needs will produce the greatest effects. Click To Tweet


Most people experience relief the first time they use properly-designed magnetic therapy products. However, some people, particularly those who are acidic, may initially feel discomfort or increased symptoms when they begin their magnetic therapy. When Pur North (-) polarity magnetic energy is applied to your body, your cells are affected and, while your body balances and the acids are eliminated, this may cause the toxins or poisons that have been lying dormant to temporarily cause discomfort (for more about the biological effects of magnetic therapy, click here).

Discomfort does not happen for everyone, but if you experience increased discomfort try to remember that it means it is working, and don’t stop! If the discomfort becomes too much to tolerate, remove the product, wait a while and reapply. Remember, magnets won’t help if you don’t use them so try to wear your product for as long and as often as you can stand.

First Aid

We strongly recommend adding magnets to your first aid kit (the Neo-Discs are our favorite first aid item). When the need for first aid arises in the form of a minor burn, bite, or scrape, place the Pur North product directly over the injury. The pain can subside or go away completely.

Read this testimonial about a burn.

For injuries such as a sprain, break or more serious burn, which may take longer to heal, keep the wound in a Pur North Pole field for as long as you can. Studies have shown that healing time can be considerably reduced. With Pur North Pole magnetism you may apply the magnetic product to an injury immediately where it may help relieve discomfort and fight infection. To better understand how magnets help you heal, check out our article The Healing Effects of Magnetism.

Do not use magnets as a substitute for any needed surgery or medical treatments.

Did You Know?
“A negative magnetic field biological response is alkaline-hyperoxia, and due to hyperoxia, makes it useful for stopping the bleeding of acute injury, is not vasodilating and resolves the edema of acute injuries.”
-Dr. William H Philpott discussing some of the effects of North Pole magnets.

South Pole Precautions

We use Pur North Pole (-) polarity magnetism in our products because we believe it’s not only more effective, but safer as well (read more about North Pole and other attributes of well-designed magnetic therapy products). South Pole magnetic therapy products are out there however, so, in the interest of knowledge, let’s talk about them. As mentioned above, some companies use South Pole magnetism which can increase the acidity of your pH balance creating an environment more conducive to bacteria growth. It’s really important to use caution when using the South Pole energy of a magnet because it can aid in the growth of microorganisms and make you more sick instead of less. A good rule of thumb is to never use the South Pole without the assistance and monitoring of a doctor.

General Considerations and Possible Concerns

  • Strong magnetism should be avoided directly over the stomach for the first hour after eating, as stomach acids necessary for digestion may be somewhat neutralized.
  • There has been no research done as to the effects of magnetism on unborn babies. Although we believe proper magnetic energies to be of the same benefit to all stages of life, we have to recommend, as a general precaution, not to use magnets over an unborn baby during pregnancy.
  • If you have been bedridden for many weeks do not stay on a magnetic mattress pad constantly but either remove it or move off the mattress for several hours each day. The Pur North magnetic mattress pads can be effective in reducing over-acidity in the body and overexposure could make the body too alkaline.
  • Metal plates or pins used in surgeries are not “ferrous metals” and therefore are not affected by magnets.
  • You may work with a computer while using most therapeutic magnetic products (i.e. cushions, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, wraps, etc.) However, keep large magnets such as the Block two feet from your computer.
  • Keep magnets at least two inches away from any appliance that operates with batteries.
  • Small magnets should be kept at least six inches away from a pacemaker and large magnets 18 inches away, but consult with your doctor or device manufacturer before use.
  • Keep magnets away from the magnetic strip on credit cards, audiotapes, videotapes, computers and computer disks and all kinds of encoded magnetic media.

ϯ These statements have not been approved or endorsed by the FDA. Not intended for use as a treatment, cure, or remedy for any disease or sickness

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