Key Nutrient Calcium – for Special Diets

key nutrient for special diets calcium

Key Nutrient Calcium for Special Diets

Calcium receives most of its media attention for its role in preventing osteoporosis. This disease weakens bones, making them brittle and often resulting in fractures of the spine, hip, or wrist. However, this essential mineral plays an important part in muscle health as well, including one of the most important muscles of all: the heart.

Here’s another surprise: Eating low-fat, calcium-rich foods helps the brain relax, slow down and ensure a deep, restful sleep.

If you have ever been told to have a glass of milk before bed, and noticed it seemed to help, here is why:

  • milk contains both calcium and tryptophan
  • tryptophan is the amino acid found in turkey and blamed for making you sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner
  • calcium helps the body convert tryptophan into melatonin
  • Melatonin helps you sleep

Calcium, like most key nutrients, is best absorbed when taken in combination with other essential nutrients. If taken as a supplement look for combinations with magnesium, vitamin D, or at the very least, take the supplement with food.

Eating low-fat, calcium-rich foods helps the brain relax, slow down and ensure a deep, restful sleep. Click To Tweet

Who is most at risk of a calcium deficiency?

Dairy is the most well known and common sources of calcium, though many other whole foods are excellent sources. The National Osteoporosis Foundation shows one cup of  frozen collard greens has more calcium than 8 ounces of milk. The question is: Do you eat 1 or more cups of collard greens every day?

The groups most at risk for calcium deficiency include:

  • women of postmenopausal age
  • people who are lactose intolerant (not eating dairy for allergy reasons)
  • vegans (not eating dairy by choice)

People in these groups may benefit from a quality food based calcium supplement.

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But your body still needs ALL of  the essential nutrients, so be sure to eat them with the frequency and in the amounts that are good for your health.

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