Injured or Ill? 7 Tips to Get Back In The Game

#BackInTheGame injury illnessIllness or Injured? 7 Tips to Get Back in the Game

No matter what your “game” is:




…illness or injury can knock you out.

I’d know. As a mom, wife, business owner, and athlete, tearing my ACL affected everything. Now I am back to almost 100% and life is more fun, more fulfilling, and much much more active.

Here are the 7 techniques I used to get back in the game of my life.

No matter what your game is, injury or illness can knock you out. #BackInTheGame Click To Tweet

7 Tips to Get Back in the Game

Rest is key to get #BackInTheGameTip 1: Rest to Get Back in the Game

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  • For injury – RICE method
  • What to do if you are ill and a regular exercise person
  • Why sometimes too much rest can be counterproductive
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hydrate for healthTip 2: Hydrate to Get Back in the Game

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  • Dehydration can cause the electrolytes in your brain to get out of whack
  • How many glasses of water a day are recommended for your weight?
  • Healthy alternatives to enhance your water
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Nourish Your Body to Get #BackInTheGameTip 3: Nourish Your Body to Get Back in the Game

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  • Nutrients your body needs to repair injury and clear your body of bacteria or virus
  • The need for vitamins, “essential” amino acids, and fatty acids
  • Think, Learn, Discover, Decide, when it comes to the nutrients you need
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Support Your Body to get #BackInTheGameTip 4: Support Your Body to Get Back in the Game

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  • After rest, hydration, and nutrition you made need additional support to get back on your feet
  • How to get just the right amount of support
  • Different kinds of support and what they do
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#Backinthegame balance yogaTip 5: Find Your Balance to Get Back In The Game

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  • After injury and illness consume your life, it is important to find balance again
  • Owner’s personal comment on balance and post-surgery recovery
  • How to find your balance
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train #BackinthegameTip 6: Train With Intent to Get Back in the Game

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  • Professional advice has many important benefits
  • Ideas on how to find a great coach for you
  • Let them decide what you need to do to move forward
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move to get back in the gameTip 7: Keep Moving to Get Back in the Game

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  • If you rest too long, your body gets used to it
  • Find others to encourage, who encourage you
  • Owner’s personal message on FitBits

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Thanks for sharing this journey of getting #BackInTheGame!
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2 Responses to “Injured or Ill? 7 Tips to Get Back In The Game”

  1. Martha

    I can so connect to this blog having Lung cancer sx over a year ago and being an avid cyclist and yogi. I think it is so important to honor your energy and at the same time take inspired action in getting “back in the game”. Quite often people can be at opposite extremes, either getting back to soon or staying “stuck” in I can’t do this it might hurt etc. So it is about honoring your energy and listening to your body and getting support and guidance on navigating through the steps.
    Thanks for your post!

  2. Dave

    LeAnn – I love the comprehensive approach you’ve taken regarding this topic not only from the beginning phases but also related to the physical, mental and self-care related aspects as well. I wish I would have had this guide the last time I hurt my back. My recovery would likely have been much faster and without nearly as much mental angst. Thanks for this great roadmap to #getbackinthegame! Dave


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