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change your coffee avivopur.comTrue Stories from a Coffee Snob

To say that I was a coffee snob was dead on. I would walk out of a coffee shop if all they had was medium or light roast. It was a dark roast, full flavor, add a shot of espresso all the way. I knew it was an addiction, and I’d tried various versions of healthy coffee before but quite frankly they all tasted terrible and I’d get headaches. A few days and I’d go back to regular coffee.

Which makes my 2017 New Year’s Resolution pretty incredible: Never buy a coffee house coffee, or drink ANY other coffee than this healthy coffee.

When I first tried this healthy coffee I did it to be polite.

I thought it tasted fine, but when it was suggested I change it up for a month, I internally laughed out loud (if that is possible.) “Never going to happen,” I thought.

But thereafter every time I took an antacid, or had a headache because I’d missed my cup of joe, I wondered. Maybe it would be worth a try. So last October I started drinking this coffee in the morning but kept with the regular coffee in the afternoon.

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He started fast, I started slow.

Since I like dark rich coffee, and opposites attract, you can guess how my husband enjoys his coffee: Lots of cream and plenty sweet. He tried the latte version of the coffee and thought it was good. Unknown to me, he started drinking the latte version of the coffee all the time, right away.

Four or five days later he showed me his sleep app. We both have Fitbits, and they not only record your movement during the day but at night as well. You might be able to fake a Fitbit during the day, but not while you sleep!  Yet in just a few days he had gone from flipping and flopping all through the night to having hours of deep sleep.

At that moment, I knew I had to give it a try too.

But I started more slowly. Healthy coffee in the morning, but regular coffee in the afternoon. After all, it couldn’t really replace that afternoon pick me up, could it?

As I drank more of the coffee, I learned more about the herb in it. Ganoderma is extremely well studied as seen here on, and soon I attended a meeting led by a top chiropractor telling stories of how this herb helped many of his patients.

I realized I was hanging on to traditional coffee for one reason only: tradition.

But where was that tradition getting everyone around me?

  • On antacids.
  • Not sleeping well.
  • Quitting coffee.

Did you know you can actually die of a caffeine overdose? It takes a lot but there is an actual death by caffeine calculator!

Yikes! I didn’t want to quit coffee!! Besides, only about 3% of people who decide to quit an addiction of any kind, even coffee, have long term success at it. That is when I switched to healthy coffee full time.

I have not looked back, and I feel GREAT! So it is true. This coffee snob is still a coffee snob but it’s for a healthy coffee that saves my health, my money, and my time. Done deal. Since the product line has ready-made options that include black coffee, latte, mocha, great tasting hot chocolate, green tea, herbal tea, and iced tea we have all the beverages our family needs.

Now I share this with everyone. The car dealership. My dentist. Strangers I meet! YOU! 🙂

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Many friends have joined me on this coffee revolution. Why not?

  • It looks and smells and tastes just like the coffee or latte or tea you already love
  • It’s better for you.

The only thing I’d do differently would be to NOT start slow! Just jump in and do it!

The transition was no problem for me at all. No headaches. No withdrawals. I felt a bit of a mild detoxification effect but that just let me know it was helping my health!

change your coffee avivopur.comHealthy Coffee Saves Time and Money Too

I’ve already written quite a bit about this in another post, but it bears repeating!

Many years ago I drank vanilla lattes every day. They cost somewhere around $5 per cup. Then one day someone told me that I could see a print out of the nutrition and calories in that cup, and I about fell over when I did it. Over 400 calories per cup, more sugar than I needed in a day, and all in a beverage I was drinking between meals! That day I switched to black coffee.

Now I was doing better, right? Only 5 calories per cup. No cream, no sugar. Now my cup of coffee was only about $2 as well. But that was then. Now that same cup of black coffee at that same coffee house is over $3/cup and those lattes are even more expensive too.

I also started adding extra shots. These could be 50 to 75 cents extra per shot. Some days when I really felt I was dragging I would add 3 shots of extra espresso to my black coffee! I discovered a website called Caffeine Informer and learned there was 305 mg of caffeine in my 16-ounce cup BEFORE I added shots of espresso!

Do the math on this. I’d started to spend again about $5/day on coffee. I tried to limit doing this to not-every-day but I’m pretty sure I was spending $20 per week. Plus I was spending time driving to the coffee place, and sometimes up to 10 or even 15 minutes in a drive-through line! Crazy!

Today I spend per MONTH on healthy coffee about what I was spending per week on something that was not even really good for me. I have coffee virtually anytime and anywhere I want it, and I spend less than $1 per cup. In fact, at retail cost, it is about $1 per cup, and I buy it wholesale! I never drive to the coffee shop, I have hours of more time in my life to do what matters.

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