Healthy Body Composition- The Ultimate Health Solution?

An unhealthy body composition may be causing more problems than you realize.

What if you could reverse serious diseases such as diabetes, acid reflux, high blood pressure, heart disease, or arthritis? What if these diseases were actually symptoms of an internal problem, rather than the problem itself?

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High blood pressure and heart disease are called silent killers, but acid reflux and arthritis can cause frequent intense and even debilitating pain. Diabetes can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar that can be life threatening. People with insulin dependent diabetes need to check their blood sugar levels multiple times per day by a blood draw, and often self-administer insulin injections just as often.

(I don’t know about you but I’m not a huge fan of sticking needles into my body on a regular basis if avoidable.)

Dr. Mark Hyman says all of these diseases, and in fact many more, may lead back to a single cause and it is something we can all fight: being overweight, and mostly over fat. See last week’s blog, “Weight Is Not the Whole Story.”

Ugh, right? 30% of Americans are considered obese, and many more than that are overweight. Every year the percentage of overweight children climbs higher as well, predisposing our future generations to poor health.

Unfortunately, those very statistics point to one clear fact: maintaining a healthy body composition is not simple or easy for most people.

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An unhealthy body weight may be causing more problems than you realize.

Dr. Hyman goes on in his book, The Blood Sugar Solution, to explain several possible reasons for this:

  • Our busy lifestyles have lead us to a grab and go culture around food.
  • More and more people do not cook their own food, but rely on pre-made and frozen entrees.
  • The food industry, which Dr. Hyman calls “Big Food”, is doing everything in its power to keep us craving what they are selling.

Reach a healthy body composition, and you may find other diseases go away or at the very least improve.

There is no magic pill or easy fix. To get a healthy body composition, you need to do things on a daily basis, and you have to be committed to doing these things as a permanent lifestyle change.

  • Get enough sleep.
  • Get enough of the nutrients your body needs regularly.
  • Get enough water to flush out toxins and fat.
  • Get enough movement in your daily life to gain muscle, sweat out toxins, and improve your cardiovascular ability.

These are all covered in our free download, “Pure Living in a Modified World” in much greater detail. In addition, there are specific supplements which support your body in healthy fat loss. Again, these are not magic pills but when combined with all the normal aspects of keeping healthy, they can help.

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People who live the 5 Pillars of Pure Living are on the road to, or are able to maintain, a healthy body composition and as a result may in fact reverse other serious health consequences as well.

P.S. Here’s the link again to Dr. Hyman’s book The Blood Sugar Solution.

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