Does Magnetic Therapy have Healing Effects?

Is Magnetic Therapy New? No.

Magnetic Therapy Works

Worldwide, millions of people use magnetic therapy, a large percentage in Japan alone, where it’s not uncommon for people to sleep on magnetic beds to counter the effects of stress, pain, fatigue and various ailments.

In the United States the Food and Drug Administration approved the use of electromagnets, such as MRI, XOMED hearing aid, TENS class of instruments, diapulse etc. for medical purposes in 1978.  Static or permanent magnets used for therapeutic benefits have not been cleared as medical instruments. As a result, no one can claim magnets cure any condition or disease, despite the overwhelming evidence and results supporting the use of properly designed magnetic products. Research continues to show the value of magnetic therapy, but seeking FDA approval is difficult to fund when the ultimate products are not high profit consumables, such as drugs.

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“The application of a magnetic field has the virtues of simplicity, freedom from danger, and low cost. It offers the lay-man or woman a suitable form of self treatment for the minor ills of everyday life.”

Dr. Evelyne Holzapfel,
Medical Convention at the
Baylor College of Medicine, Texas

In America, it is increasingly popular to seek alternative therapies for health reasons, and magnetic therapy is certainly one of the most popular. After all, magnetic therapy has been found to enhance your body’s utilization of healthful foods and herbal supplements and make exercise and physical therapy more effective. We are living in an era when many people are seeing the importance of seeking healthy options and natural alternatives to conventional medicine and its side effects. Side effects of drug therapy are often so severe a person is prescribed a second medicine to treat problems associated with the first. It’s not surprising, then, that people choose properly designed Pur North (-) polarity magnetic therapy which has no side effects.*

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Understanding Causes of Pain and Illness

To better understand how magnets might encourage healing and relieve discomfort, it is helpful to understand some of the causes of pain and illness.

Injury: When we injure ourselves in the form of bruising, sprains, breaks, cuts, etc., the injury reacts to the increased presence of south (+) polarity energy in the area and sends a signal to the brain, which we feel as pain. The brain reacts by sending (-) polarity electrical energy to the area to begin healing and reconstruction. When we manually apply a Pur North (-) polarity magnet to the trauma or site of discomfort, we supplement the (-) polarity or Pur North pole energy, which helps the body do its healing faster and more effectively. Robert O. Becker, M.D., documented this when he found (+) positive polarity [south pole] magnetic field signals stress. While the (-) polarity [Pur North] magnetic field governs healing and normalization of biological functions as well as rest, relaxation and sleep. For a better understanding of the differences between Pur North pole and South pole magnetism, as well as healing magnets in general, check out our article “Magnetic Therapy- What to Look For.”
Edema (Swelling of the Cells): This problem puts pressure on the nerve endings causing pain and decreased mobility. Magnetic water or Pur North (-) polarity mattress pads are helpful to treat the entire body, while individual magnets are useful for more specific problems. For edema that occurs in a joint due to injury or illness it is important to first place magnets above the joint or swollen limb. The counterclockwise spin (found by physicist Albert Roy Davis) of the Pur North pole magnetic energy field pulls fluids and this can draw the excess fluid towards the trunk of the body. An example of this might be a swollen ankle due to a sprain. In this example, you would place high-powered Pur North magnets above the ankle, or higher at first, and then eventually put the magnets directly over the injury or site of discomfort.
Overall Health/Acidic State: Decades of clinical studies have shown that constant overacidification of the blood and tissues is a contributor to disease and sickness. Overacidification disturbs the central regulation of the human body – unbalancing it, and causing sickness, disease and pain. An acid state produces swollen cells and is linked to lack of oxygen, since oxygen cannot remain in a proper useable form in such conditions. Acidity, lack of oxygen and swollen cells are painful. Dr. William Philpott, M.D., has proven that surrounding yourself in the proper magnetic energies, such as sleeping on a Pur North Therapeutic Mattress Pad, which uses only a Pur North magnetic field, will increase oxygenation, reduce swelling and alkalize (normalize) the body, in effect reversing the effects of over-acidification, allowing our body to heal itself better while fighting these problems. A great side benefit of this can be better sleep!
Dr. Philpott says that “It is a universally recognized truth that a (-) negative magnetic [Pur North] field governs sleep by evoking melatonin production by the pineal gland.”
Inflammation: Inflammation is a normal body response to injury or infection in which the body’s white blood cells protect it from foreign organisms. When this occurs the white blood cells cause;
1) blood to rush to the injured area,
2) pain responses in the nerve endings,
3) redness and warmth, and
4) swelling from the increased blood flow.
This is a natural and healthy response to an injury. However, sometimes inflammation begets inflammation and your body has difficulty circulating the blood and toxins back out of the injured area. Pur North magnetism as discussed above, pulls fluid from the affected area to aid in reducing unwanted and painful swelling while also encouraging oxygenation of the blood which aids in removing toxins and establishing a normal blood flow to the area. 
Infections: Infections are acidic and are attacked by Pur North magnetism. Through years of research, Dr. Philpott has learned that “microorganisms [viruses] have a positive magnetic field charge by virtue of their high mineral content with a high conductance and thus a high stress high pulsing frequency, whereas human cells with lower mineral content and lower conductance has a non-stressful, low-pulsing frequency.” Treatment with Pur North magnets can normalize pH, correct cellular swelling (edema), promote oxygenation, and actually have an antibiotic effect on microorganisms. It is important to remember that in treating an infection, often the Pur North magnet will relieve the symptoms in as quickly as a few minutes. It is recommended, however, to continue the treatment for a minimum of 14 days to achieve the full antibiotic effect. Magnetized water is an excellent, very effective way to treat an infection both externally and internally (orally) on an ongoing basis.
 “It is a universally recognized truth that a (-) negative magnetic [Pur North] field governs sleep by evoking melatonin production by the pineal gland.

Dr William Philpott M.D.

What About Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMF’s)?

emfs.jpgElectro-magnetic frequencies (EMF’s) bombard our bodies continually. Electrical and electronic devices emit an alternating magnetic frequency, and this EMF may cause disorders in the electrical charges of our cells. The cells in a normally healthy body are (-) polarity. EMF’s are both (-) and (+) polarity and, as a result, may be responsible for common symptoms of tiredness, low energy, and over-acidity, which in turn can lead to illnesses and reduced cellular regeneration. Instead of this alternating frequency, our bodies need a “static” or “single polarity” magnetic field, such as that provided by the Earth as well as properly designed (-) polarity magnetic products. To learn more about the design of magnetic products and to learn the language of a savvy magnetic therapy consumer, click here.

Magnetic energy and the potential of magnetic healing is just one spoke in the wheel of perfect health. Ideally we should achieve all of the 5 PureLiving pillars:

  • Sleep
  • Hydrate
  • Nourish
  • Move
  • Detoxify

Learn more about the PureLiving Pillars

AVivoPur ebook Properly Designed Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy is the most natural alternative to chemicals and drugs as it enhances your body’s utilization of healthful foods and herbs, as well as making exercise and physical therapy more effective. One of the easiest ways to incorporate magnetic therapy into your practice of the 5 pillars is to sleep on a Pur North magnetic mattress pad. Our mattress pads are made with strong 3950 gauss magnets that effectively create a 4-6 gauss residual magnetic field (the same as that of the Earth when it was at its healthiest) in your body. This can safely restore and super charge your body each night. Researchers, medical doctors, and scientists have proven that properly designed therapeutic magnets work by helping the body maintain and restore itself naturally. It has been established many times over that if you use these products according to proper guidelines there is no harm to the body and no side effects.

If you’d like more specific information about incorporating magnetic therapy into your life check out our article, “Magnetic Therapy the Right Way.” ϯ

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Read the AVivoPur® eBook: “Discover the Attraction of Magnetic Therapy”

download avivopur ebook

* See Guidelines for Magnetic Therapy Use

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