Guest Blog: Julie Latz – From Binge Eater to Binge Eating Coach

binge eating too much foodFor 45 years I suffered miserably with Binge Eating Disorder. I was obsessed with food and felt like my life revolved around it. Every few months my weight would fluctuate 40-50 pounds due to whether I was dieting or bingeing. I could even gain as much as 9 pounds in 3 days!

I would hide food from my family, college roommates, and coworkers. Eventually I hid food from my husband and kids because I never wanted anyone to know how much I really ate.

Defining Moment

A defining moment in my life happened in October of 2010. I woke up one day in a panic! Literally petrified to get into bed one more night feeling bloated, disgusting and hopeless. This meant I was finally ready to stop the madness for good.

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I came to realize the key to stop binge eating was to figure out how to live as the opposite of a binge eater. It would put an end to eating out of emotional distress and I wouldn’t feel compelled to eat huge amounts of food whether I was hungry or not.

Once I came up with a system to do that, I lost a lot of weight. However, more importantly, I became calm around food. Peaceful eating has become my daily norm ever since.

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A Promise

binge eating coachThroughout all the years I suffered as a binge eater, I always promised myself if I could ever find my way out of that crazy binge lifestyle, I would devote the rest of my life to helping others do the same.

After experiencing a real calmness around food and keeping the extra weight off using my system, I tested it out on other binge eaters to see if what was helping me could help others.

I coached 3 women for a month each. I was delighted to find they each achieved the same result. They lost weight without dieting or deprivation.  What thrilled them most was learning to enjoy their favorite foods in moderation.

Helping Others With Binge Eating Disorder

I was ready to fulfill my life’s dream of becoming a Binge Eating Disorder Coach. Over the past 4 years, I’ve had the honor and pleasure of helping countless people stop binge eating and get their lives back. Nothing could be more gratifying.

My clients learn how to live in what I call “The Magic Zone.” It’s the very calm place where they don’t feel deprived and they don’t feel the urge to binge. Dieting leads to deprivation and deprivation leads right back to bingeing.

Once people learn how to enjoy 2 cookies instead of eating 22 cookies, they lose the impulse to overdo it and binge.

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Losing The Weight

When someone stops bingeing, the weight loss follows. So, shedding weight is not only good from an aesthetic point of view, it reduces the chance of getting many of the chronic, debilitating diseases related to obesity. As a result helping you become healthier.

But in addition, when a binge eater can cultivate a peaceful relationship with food and take off excess weight, their life changes in other ways. For example they:

  • Stop being obsessed with food
  • Start saying “yes” to social plans instead of hiding from people out of fear
  • No longer feel like a slave to food and the private binges will be eliminated.
  • Can become comfortable being intimate with their partner
  • Find themselves participating in life and enjoying themselves
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The Joy

Watching people go from being miserably addicted to food, to being able to eat what they want in moderation, shed the weight they want and get their lives back is a dream come true for me. And most importantly, it’s given my clients hope, health and happiness.

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I welcome anyone who is serious about putting an end to binge eating to apply for a Complimentary Binge Eating Breakthrough Call.
About The Author

Julie Latz PeacefulEater

Julie Latz is certified as a Food Psychology Coach through the Spencer Institute and is the author of the book Stop Binge Eating and Start Living Again.  She promised herself if she could find her way out of binge eating, she would devote her life helping others do the same. She’s proud to say her dream came true and her clients rave about her method to control Binge Eating Disorder.

Learn more at: and Find Julie on Twitter

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