Gratitude is an Immune Support Habit

gratitude is an immune support habitGratitude Lowers Your Stress

Take a slow breath, and pay attention to the effect it has on your body. You may feel a slight loosening of your shoulder muscles, a little release of tension. Now think of a time someone did something for you which helped you out, made something a little easier, and you offered a heartfelt “thank you” to them. With that “thank you” may have come a similar feeling of relief, release, and loosening of tension.

Gratitude is a Stress Busting Immune Booster

This concept is not just some woo-woo idea. has an article called Boost Your Health With a Dose of Gratitude which covers these exact points.

“There are some very interesting studies linking optimism to better immune function,” says Lisa Aspinwall, PhD, a psychology professor at the University of Utah.

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Lowering your stress, in turn, helps your whole body function better, and this includes your immune system.

Finding Gratitude

Appreciate what you have. I love this quote by coach Romona Remesat in her blog where she says, “On those mornings when I really don’t want to get out of bed, I say to myself, “I run for those who can’t.”

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Self-Nurturing coach Kelley Grimes says it this way in her blog: “Nurturing our bodies is an expression of gratitude. Take a moment to thank your body for all it does for you and acknowledge the miracle that it is.” See her blog Five Ways to Practice Gratitude In Your Day.

dessert plantFind the beauty in nature, and take a few moments to appreciate it. Take a look outside. Easy to enjoy a sunrise, sunset, or rainbow, but I find delight as well in the way rain catches on a leaf, the shadow effects of snow and sun, and much more.


One benefit of prayer before a meal is the opportunity to take a few breaths and breathe in the aromas of the food you are about to eat. Once again, Kelley Grimes has a beautiful way of saying this:

“Pause especially before you eat and thank all the people who made your meal possible, from those that grew the food, to those who harvested it, sold it, and prepared it for you.” Even if prayer is not a practice in your life, pause and appreciation can be a way to add gratitude.

Immune Boosting may sound like something clinical or biological. However, as in most areas of our lives, mindset matters. Having a positive mindset about your life and your health can actually help you keep it. Gratitude is an immune support habit. Prevention is easier than recovery. Use Gratitude.

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