For All Things a Season and a Reason–ACL Surgery

The beginning of aVivoPur began nearly two decades ago, when I struggled with knee pain in both knees so bad I could not climb the stairs at the school where I taught. Told to have surgery, I was nearly ready to resign myself to the expense and pain of having both knees “cleaned up.” Furthermore I was still told I would need knee replacements most likely when I reached my 40’s. But I didn’t go through with the surgery. For all things a season and a reason.

Magnetic therapy entered my life.

I’d known about magnetic therapy at that point for some time. The people using it certainly we’re fans. However it took getting to the point of facing surgery for me to try it myself. I’m so glad I did! If you have not read my full story, you can read it here.

So here I am nearly twenty years later and tomorrow I am having knee surgery.


For all things there is a season and a reason.

Nearly 20 years later my right knee is perfectly fine. Back then, it was as bad as the left one. The difference in my left knee is that I have broken my ACL.

I love martial arts, but sometimes it kicks back if you mess up your landing. Bummer.

That is what happened.  I tore my left ACL while getting ready for a black belt mid-term test. At least I sound tough, right? I dealt with it for quite some time, strengthened the muscles of my leg so the ACL could heal.  Then a car accident broke the ACL completely through.

When my #knee #pain was cartilage and bone related, magnetic #therapy gave my body what it needed to heal itself. Click To Tweet

When my knee pain was cartilage and bone related, magnetic therapy gave my body what it needed to heal itself.  My younger age helped as well.  But even magnetic therapy cannot fix a completely broken ACL. For all things there is a season and a reason.

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow very much, or the weeks to follow. However, magnetic therapy and good solid nutrition–both food and supplements–will be powerful partners in my healing process.

magnetic #therapy and good nutrition will be powerful partners in my ACL #healing process. Click To Tweet

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I’ve planned out the next series of blogs to recap the pillars of Pure Living in a Modified World. Enjoy these posts, and I’ll look forward to my next blog telling you how the healing has progressed, and I anticipate at that time a big announcement as well.

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