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Spring Gift GuideThe aVivoPur Standard Mattress Pad was chosen to be featured in the Spring Gift Guide on RebatesZone.com

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The aVivoPur Standard Mattress pad featured in the Spring Gift Guide contains the aVivoPur™ Pur North polarity (-) magnetic therapy technology.  Properly designed magnetic therapy provides the restorative energy to ensure restful sleep.  The Standard Version contains closely spaced magnets for a steady (-) magnetic field, and is relatively lighter in weight.  The Premier version of the Magnetic Therapy Mattress Pad includes larger, stronger magnets for increased field, and a removable washable cover. ϯ

Damaging force fields bombard us almost constantly as we go about our lives in this modern age.

  • These force fields come from household electrical appliances, televisions, computers, water beds and electric blankets, just to name a few. ϯ
  • They are damaging because they disrupt the structure of our cells which puts extra stress on the body to restore them. ϯ 
  • Force fields from properly-designed therapeutic magnets can assist the body in repairing this damage; thus reversing the effect of the damaging force fields. ϯ 
  • Sleeping in this therapeutic force field coincides with the healing cycle of the body which is optimal at night. ϯ
  • The extra energy provided by the mattress pad can assist the body to help heal injuries, pain and many other conditions. ϯ

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When mattress pads are in place (on the bed) they should additionally be covered with a traditional mattress pad or cover for additional protection and to help hold them in place. The aVivoPur Magnetic Therapy Mattress Pad™ Standard Version construction is warranted for a full five years but designed to last a lifetime. Indeed there are clients using magnetic therapy mattress pads they bought from us in the 1990s.

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aVivoPur offers free shipping on all orders of all Standard and Premier Magnetic Therapy Mattress Pads

Click here to see our listing: Spring Gift Guide



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