Movement Matters: Reduces and Prevents Injury

exercise reduces prevents injuryRegular Movement Matters to Reduce and Prevent Injury

Accidents happen. If you have a pet, or kids, you know how they occasionally can get underfoot. A dog on a walk can pull you off balance. Ice is blamed for many broken ankles, hips, and wrists.

Injury is more likely when your body is tight, and not used to quick movement. If exercise is part of your normal habits, your body is more equipped to handle the unexpected.

Down to your very nerves, regular exercise keeps your body more able to handle a fall in a safer way, or at least not be as injured as a result. A bruise is better than a break! As mentioned in our blog, Exercise Important for Bone Strength, strong muscles and tendons even strengthen your bones.

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Note: We are endorsing exercise, not stretching, as a prevention for injury. That may surprise you.

According to Amby Burfoot, writer for Runners World magazine, an important paper called “The Impact of Stretching on Sports Injury Risk: A Systematic Review of the Literature” said the key conclusions are:

  • Stretching does increase flexibility;
  • The highest-quality studies indicate that this increased flexibility doesn’t prevent injuries;
  • Few athletes need extreme flexibility to perform their best (perhaps just gymnasts and figure skaters);
  • More injuries would be prevented by better warm ups, by strength training, and by balance exercises, than by stretching.

When you exercise, strength train, or even just do balancing exercises, you train your muscles, ligaments and tendons to respond quickly to movement. This is how exercise reduces and prevents injury.

Simple Ways To Start Exercise to Reduce and Prevent Injury

Start With Balance.

Many ankle and knee injuries are related to hip weakness, especially in women. You can significantly improve your ankle knee and hip strength by working on your balance.

If exercise is part of your normal habits, your body is more equipped to handle the unexpected. #MovementMatters Click To Tweet

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