Do you Know What Sitting is Doing to your Body?

sitting is a killer #MovementMatters #exerciseSimply Stated, Sitting is a Killer.

Sit at the table, sit in your car, sit in your office, sit in the meeting, sit at the parent meeting for your child’s sport, sit at their game, sit in front of the TV or your computer at home. Just how much are you sitting, and what is it doing to your body?

Our bodies were made to move and movement matters. In fact, exercise is a Pure Living pillar. The modern living hazard of sitting too much is just that: a true health hazard. Sitting literally changes your body, shutting down your metabolism and changing your body chemistry in ways which over time can lead to diabetes and other disorders.

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Impact of Sitting

Did you know your only body burns about 1 calorie per minute while sitting?

This is how much time people spend watching TV daily (check out for more details):

Total Use Of Television Data
Average time spent watching television (US) 5:11 hours
White 5:02
Black 7:12
Asian 4:35
Years the average person will have spent watching TV

9 years

While some people do have a treadmill at home near their TV or go to the gym to watch a game while working out, it’s not everyone. If you sit and watch TV, the average American will burn only 300 calories during their 5 hours of television watching.

What do people also do while they sit? Often, they eat.

So not only do we have the body being lazy about burning calories, the average American is eating more calories than they are burning, leading to weight gain as well as muscle loss and other changes in the body.

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Want the numbers? This 3 minute video will lay out the numbers in an entertaining way.

sitting too much video

What to do? #MovementMatters

Here is what the President of, LeAnn Lyon, does to keep moving:

  • At least a 15 minute walk first thing before breakfast after the inactivity of the night.
  • Once at work, her Fitbit silent alarm goes off a 9:45 and every hour thereafter, reminding her to get up and move around. This timing is so that if she have a meeting starting “on the hour” she can be sure to move before it begins.
  • Her hourly movement may be walking around the warehouse, talking to employees while standing, making a call or even checking her email on her smartphone while bouncing gently on the office rebounder.
  • When she takes calls, unless she needs to be on the computer, she tends to pace the office while talking.

Other ideas:

  • Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to get out of your chair at least once an hour.
  • Use some of your lunch break to move vigorously. Walk around the building, outdoors in good weather, and exercise those lungs as well as your legs.
  • Use a standing or treadmill desk if possible. A treadmill desk moves at a very slow pace, about a mile an hour, but it keeps you upright and moving!

#MovementMatters and every bit counts.

Sitting all day may be undoing the good work you put in at the #gym. #MovementMatters Click To Tweet
  • If you do not regularly exercise, and even this amount of movement is new to you, it can start you on the road to a healthier life.
  • If you do regularly exercise, but still sit for long periods of the day every day, all that sitting may be undoing the good work you put in at the gym. Sad, but true. Watch the video for more details.

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