Do What They Tell You, and More

ACL Surgery, Part 2

Six weeks ago I posted that I was about to undergo surgery to replace my completely torn ACL. It’s been a long six weeks, but it has gone exceptionally well.

Not saying I want to do it again! But my mantra which got me through this was, “Do What They Tell You, and More.” But sometimes I also did less.

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I’ve certainly learned a lot:

  • NCIDs are touted for reducing swelling, but can inhibit tendon healing. These include most pain killers.  That’s ok, who needs them anyway? I used less, far less, than they gave me to use.
  • “Use it or lost it” happens faster than you might expect.  Within two weeks my left leg was surprisingly smaller than my right one.
  • My new tendon is actually at it’s weakest right now, six weeks out.

My progress has been exceptional, according to the doctor and physical therapist I work with weekly. For instance:

  • I was ready to start putting full weight on my leg just days after the surgery.
  • By the time of my first check up, ten days later, my incisions were healed.
  • The amount I could bend and straighten my knee was well ahead of schedule as well.

What did I do? I followed the doctor’s orders, and I added to them with magnetic therapy and extra nutritional supplements for healing. Do what they tell you and more, right? I was also blessed to be in pretty good shape before the surgery. The doctor said my hamstring was nice and strong, easy to borrow from to create my new ACL.

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One of the hardest parts of the healing was resting. Until this week I was specifically told not to go to the gym or do any exercise whatsoever other than the prescribed physical therapy.  Why? Because no matter how strong, ready, or bored I feel, the stress of healing exercised muscles would have taken the body’s attention away from healing my knee. So do what they tell you, and more, right?

Do What They Tell You, and More

The Five #PureLiving Pillars were certainly important in my healing.

  1. I did a lot of sleeping at first. Sleep is critical for healing. In the sleep blog it was pointed out that after oxygen, sleep is the next most needed thing (on a timeline) for health, and even more so while healing. Do what they tell you, and more.
  2. Most days I drank nothing but water or water with greens in it. On occasion I did enjoy a coffee or tea, but no alcohol to stress my liver and slow healing. Do what they tell you, and more.
  3. I moved as much as prescribed, and probably a bit more. Even if it was just to move rooms for a different view, that getting up and moving around was important. Sitting for more than an hour does incredibly bad things for your health. Do what they tell you, and more.
  4. I often did not feel particularly like eating, so when I did I made sure it was healthy foods that provided good nutrition. Friends who offered to bring food were kind not to bring candy. One brought sweet-potato enchiladas that were out of this world! But with my lack of eating much, I made sure to keep up with supplementing my diet to have all the building blocks I needed to heal. Do what they tell you, and more.
  5. Reading books, keeping up with my fiber, and taking certain supplements, were some of the ways I helped my body detoxify.
    —I read seven novels in seven days. I’m not even a very fast reader, but it was a great way to distract myself, rest more, and not take any painkillers.
    —Extra fiber is really important when you suddenly become sedentary to prevent constipation, and help clear the body of toxins and by-products of healing.
    —Other supplements I took included turmeric for blood flow and blood clot prevention, Cellular Support Plus and Ultimate Joint Support Complex to promote healing of the cartilage and tendons, extra Vitamin C 1000mg and Advanced B-Stress Plus with Herbal Relaxation Blend.  Since I was indoors more or less all of the time I also took extra Vitamin D3. Do what they tell you, and more.
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Finally, magnetic therapy was my secret weapon. I kept, and still keep, my knee wrapped in a healing magnetic field almost all of the time. The penetrating magnetic fields further promote healing by reducing inflammation and increasing oxygen and blood flow. This helps make sure more of what my body needs is there when it needs it. Naturally I also sleep on a magnetic therapy mattress pad and use my Eye and Sleep Mask. Do what they tell you, and more!

The doctors don’t want to make much of the magnetic therapy, but they are all in agreement that I have healed well and am ahead of schedule. I’ve done what they told me to do, but I have to believe that doing the extra–magnetic therapy and extra nutritional supplements for healing, helped as well.

I hope the past five posts from Pure Living in a Modified World have kept you interested, because NEXT WEEK there is going to be something new and exciting to see!

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