Guest Blog: Michael Krug – Sustainable Weight Loss: Movement, Meals, and Mindfulness


My name is Michael Krug. I stand six feet tall and weigh 215 pounds. My blood pressure is 117 over 72, with a resting heart rate of 44. My mental, emotional, spiritual, and occupational health follow suit of my physical health, and I am privileged and blessed to have amazing people in my life who uplift and support me each day. Though I am currently healthy in most aspects of my life, this was not always the case…

The first 20 years I spent on this planet, I was unhappy with my physical body. Filled with self-doubt mentally, unstable emotionally, and completely lost spiritually. I suppressed and numbed this unhealthy spiral of self-loathing, which only made matters worse. Through food and alcohol, I sought an escape from the pain I experienced daily.

How It Began

I started gaining weight after my parents divorced during the summer between 2nd and 3rd grade. My life spiraled out of control. I was known as the heavy kid in middle and high school, which brought upon ample physical and emotional stress.

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At 20 years old I weighed 375 pounds, was prescribed a high dose of medication for hypertension, had elevated cholesterol levels and high resting heart rate. I dropped out of college, used alcohol daily, and had just come off my second major knee surgery. My friends and family worried about me. They saw a once cheery young boy filled with happiness and imagination become a self-destructing alcoholic who had lost grip of himself and reality. I was in a state of deep depression, trying to escape the life I had created for myself. I would pray each night to lose weight, find direction, and become happy in the body I was gifted.

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The Turn Around

Through six years of educating and empowering myself, the afore mentioned prayers have been answered. There were ample challenges and roadblocks along the way. Therefore, with static effort and mindfulness throughout, I have finally become the person I always longed to be. Below are the key strategies I used and continue to use daily to stay healthy in every way possible, especially when it comes to my physical health.


I live by Newton’s first law: A body in motion stays in motion. In a sedentary laden culture, it can be tough to find time to move your body. Here are some basic guidelines that work for me:

  • Schedule workouts: Work, kids, errands, groceries, family time, the list of tasks and priorities could go on seemingly forever. Finding consistent times in my weekly schedule for workouts and prioritizing them helps me follow through.
  • Have FUN: Find things you enjoy doing that incorporate exercise. Like spin classes and yoga? Anything to get your heart rate up without having to think too much about it.
  • Movement in daily life: Simple things like always choosing the stairs, parking as far away as possible at Target, or even doing deep squats to pick things up (rather than bending down which can irritate the spine) can help us stay limber.
  • Find a workout buddy: Community is crucial, and something we as humans instinctually seek out. Find a friend or two who are willing to exercise with you and make a point to hold each other accountable.


We become what we eat. It is important to know what you are putting in your body and how it will benefit you. Living in a culture of added sugar and salt, finding the right foods can be difficult. Here are some simple guidelines.

  • Eat as close to the source as possible: Whole fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs, meats, and grains. With so much out there about being vegan, gluten free, grain free, etc., I believe the best place to start is by eating whole, real foods.
  • If you don’t know what it is, think twice before ingesting: Monosodium glutamate, sodium nitrite, and brominated vegetable oil are just three of hundreds of different additives you’ll find in a grocery store. My rule of thumb is if I do not know what it is, I google search it on my smartphone, then decide on whether I want to consume it or not.
  • Fantastic fats: Contrary to school of thought 30 years ago, consuming fats is very good for health in many ways, so long as they are good fats. The human brain LOVES fat as a source of energy, so consuming high quality fats will keep us on our game all day. Some of the best sources of fat are: avocados, almonds, olive oil, coconut oil, salmon, chia/flax seeds, eggs, dark chocolate, hard cheeses, and nut butters. Remember, it is important to get sufficient amounts of protein each day as well!
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Being mindful of each decision we make is imperative to consistent, sustainable progress. Some days we feel a little down, other days we have an extra pep in our step. There are days we workout at 5:30am and eat salad for lunch, other days we hunker down with pizza and ice cream on the couch. If the majority of your days reflect the former, you will make progress. The important thing is to be mindful of each decision we make in the present moment while omitting guilt and shame of low energy choices. Creating a healthy relationship with food and exercise will keep you focused throughout the journey.

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Final Advice

My final takeaway, and probably the most important piece of advice I have, is to take things one day, one hour, one minute, one BREATH at a time. We cannot live any faster than a breath in follow by a breath out. If reading and understanding a bit of my story inspires you to take action and make change in your life, I would love to connect with you. You can reach me by email at

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About Michael Krug:

Micahel Krug,, Michael Krug works alongside his sister, Dr. Mel, at Inspire Life Chiropractic Center. He is graduating from Winona State University with a masters of science degree in leadership education on May 4th. After completing his research on the health and life coaching industries, he plans complete a health coaching certification program within the next year. As a health and wellness veteran and chiropractic advocate, Michael is passionate about helping people understand and discover their ability to heal from the inside, out. Aside from work and school, Michael enjoys being outside as much as possible. His favorite activities are golfing, hiking, cycling, hockey, fishing, camping and backpacking. Two months ago Michael began a creative writing club that meets weekly in Saint Paul. For more information about Michael, the writing group, or to connect further, you can reach him at

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