Detoxification: No Tox or Detox?

Is Detoxification Important? Probably. But how important?

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Detoxification Guide
Detoxification is about resting, cleansing and nourishing the body from the inside out. Discover what’s best for your body with this detoxification guide.

At aVivoPur, while we know the value of detoxification for everyone to some degree, we recognize that not all bodies are the same and what’s most important is what’s best for you specifically. You know your body better than anyone, so, we’re going to lay it all out, and you decide what’s best!

First, it is helpful to understand the many natural ways the body has to clear toxins.

  • Your liver and kidneys create chemicals to balance and clean your blood.
  • Your lungs filter the air you breathe of allergens, smog, and tobacco.
  • White blood cells keep you, and your immune system, healthy by collecting toxins as they circulate throughout your system.
  • Your lymph nodes collect toxins from your white blood cells.
  • Your skin can sweat some toxins out and exercise helps it do so.

Unfortunately, it’s not only dramatic events like smoking, drinking, or lack of exercise that lead to toxin build up in the body. Here are some things to consider:

  • Do you eat processed foods? If so, you probably have Trans fats in your liver which, because it is an unnatural substance, it does not know how to process. Your liver needs a little help clearing them out. Omega-3 and many herbal supplements known to support liver function, can help.
  • Do you have chlorine in your water? Chlorine is added to clean your water of nasty little “buggers,” but it will also kill the essential little “buggers” in your gut. You are supposed to have trillions of bacteria in your gut to help with digestion and nutrient absorption. If you are killing them off regularly with chlorine, or other toxins, then you are not experiencing optimal health. Yogurt has some benefits, but can also deposit a LOT of sugar into your system. Sometimes as much as 20g or more per serving! A quality probiotic can be used to replace essential bacteria.
  • Do you drink alcohol? It’s been said that the liver treats alcohol like the post office treats anthrax—everything else it should be doing halts until the threat is neutralized. Studies showing alcohol to be positive are now being questioned. If you choose to drink alcohol, do your liver, and life, a favor and consider counteracting it with supportive liver supplements. (Article: Is Alcohol Good for You?)
  • How much sugar is in your diet? If you are eating more than 25 – 30 grams of added sugar per day, you may be on the road to diabetes. You can prevent diabetes by stopping the sugar intake and periodically detoxifying to support your liver and pancreas as they heal.
  • Did you know your toothpaste probably has a poison warning on it? Fluoride is a poison if ingested, and you’ve probably been brushing your teeth with it multiple times a day for most of your life. Brushing your teeth is important but research now indicates fluoride may create a toxic build up in your body.
  • Do you eat fish? Excellent! These can be a great source of the essential fatty acid Omega-3. However, they may also deliver mercury and other heavy metals to your body which need to be cleared out periodically. How can you do this? Calcium bentonite clay has been proven to remove this type of toxin as well as E.coli and many others. Scientific Studies
  • How often do you have a bowel movement? Once a day is a minimum, but you should be clearing your bowels 2 – 3 times a day to be healthier. If you are not, more toxins are staying in your body than are leaving. Fiber is possibly missing from your diet, and this can be added in with better food choices or a fiber supplement If constipation is your present normal, take this seriously.
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There are many other factors to be considered depending on your lifestyle and your body’s needs. We have only touched on a few that affect a majority of people. Read our blog about Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity and how it might increase your need to detoxify. Or, for a full list of offerings for detoxification, click here.

What should you do?

If it sounds like you need to detoxify in some way, pick products that work best in your lifestyle and for your needs. Be sure you are giving your body the nutrients it needs on a daily basis and detoxify occasionally when you can.

Final Note:

Detoxification is not just physical. Stress and strong emotions tax our bodies as well, and detoxifying from that is important too. Please read our blog about Detoxification or download the complete Pure Living manifesto “Pure Living in a Modified World” for some additional tips.

Eating better is a gentle way to move in the right direction. If you know your body is out of balance, however, give yourself the gift of getting on track faster. Let us know how we can help! Click here for our detoxification options.

What will YOU choose to do today to detoxify? Please share your comments below. If you like this, or any of our blogs, we always appreciate you sharing them with your favorite social groups, too!

Your toothpaste probably has a poison warning on it. Time to #detox Click To Tweet

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