Detox Cleanse To Get Back On Track

Our bodies are incredible, and designed to heal themselves.

The cycle of regeneration is a miraculous and natural process, but because of food with poor nutritional quality, pollution, stress, or other environmental factors our bodies become stressed, polluted and need cleansing and support to get back on a good healthy path and functioning properly. A periodic detoxification is considered by many nutritionists and doctors to be essential for a healthy body and strong immune system.

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Last week we asked the question, “Do you need to detoxify” and, as you can see, the realistic answer for almost everyone is “yes.” Like it or not, most of us are inadvertently consuming toxins on a regular basis, and we need to clear them from our bodies in order to be clear headed, energetic, healthy.

Your body may be in need of a detoxification if you are experiencing constipation, acid reflux, body odor, sleepiness and even acne. Detoxification may also fight severe inflammation of the body, which may be the root cause of more serious diseases including dementia, Fibromyalgia, and auto-immune diseases. Luckily, many of these symptoms are reversible starting with a detox cleanse!

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How do I start?

There are two steps to any good detoxification plan:

1st step: Detox Cleanse. Supplement aided detoxification.

  • We recommend doing this in conjunction with gentle exercise, eating pure whole foods, and avoiding sugars, alcohol, and breads, for a period of about two weeks, every 3-4 months.
  • Simply add natural, healthy and safe cleansing supplements to your diet which will clean out your detoxification organs. These include your colon, liver, kidneys, lymph system and, even if you don’t smoke, your lungs.
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2nd Step: Daily Detox. This is daily maintenance, something you should continue after first completing the stronger Detox Cleanse.

  • Eat whole unprocessed foods
  • Add lemon and/or greens to your (magnetized if possible) water
  • Include a few gentle daily supplements and properly designed magnetic therapy while you sleep
  • Include moderate exercise most days to keep your systems healthy internally as well
  • Take some time for healthy relaxation: meditation, gratitude, or prayer.

These simple steps keep your cells regenerating healthfully and your body running well.

So which supplements?

Because we live in the world we do, all levels of detoxification should include supplements to some degree. For a stronger 1st step detox cleanse you want to first and foremost return your digestive system to a healthy state and make it possible for your body to absorb the nutrients it needs.

  • For most people this means at least a colon cleanse or digestive tract cleanse, along with adding necessary probiotics back into your gut so that it can work well. Probiotics and products to support a colon cleanse are becoming more and more common everywhere, as their significant value is being seen.
  • Next, as mentioned last week, there are key organs of the body which are designed to be your own personal detoxification system. Think of them as “filters.” You clean the filter in your furnace and car, and you should do the same, occasionally, for your body. Supplements that support these organs—liver, kidney, lymph and more– are a little less common.
  • Finally, consider including an effective method of clearing the body of heavy metal toxins. Did you know that mercury is a by-product of processing high-fructose corn syrup? If you’ve been drinking soda or eating other foods with high fructose corn syrup, this may be reason enough to add calcium bentonite clay to your diet. Yep, you read that right, clay! (read more)

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How does a detox cleanse feel?

In the end, it feels great! While it is going on, it may not feel so wonderful, especially the first time. If your system is clogged up with toxins and sugar, you may experience symptoms similar to a mild cold or even slight flu-like symptoms and tiredness as the body rapidly works to rid itself of toxins. If you experience this, you most likely really needed to detoxify!

It’s worth the discomfort to get healthy, and once you get there you will feel more like eating well and continuing better self-care so that you can stay there. If you do a detoxification quarterly, they become milder, are progressively more effective, and may not even cause any further negative symptoms.

Once you have done a detoxifying cleanse process, you will want to maintain this new-found energy and health with regular support, and daily ongoing detoxification. A daily multivitamin can help make sure you receive the essential nutrients your body needs. For detoxification and healthy cellular regeneration reasons many people also routinely include:

Our bodies are incredible, and designed to heal themselves. Click To Tweet

Beyond detoxification there are other essentials your body needs to get healthy and stay there! Support your health by making sure you get all your essential nutrients every day.


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