Personal Post: Count the Coincidences (I count 5)

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I was recently in the northern woods of Minnesota, picking up our daughters after a month of summer camp. Coincidentally my birthday fell on the day before camp ends, the same day they have a huge celebration called International Day. This event brings about a dozen different camps (all are immersion language camps) together to celebrate their cultures and share dances, crafts, and songs. I’ve wanted to attend before but this year I made it the girlshappen! (We won’t call this a coincidence because I was NOT going to miss it again!)

I needed a hotel room for two nights, but the hotel of my preference (with a gym) did not have space so I had to pick another hotel, without a gym, across town. Coincidentally, this hotel has an agreement with a fitness center so I ended up with a pass to a full size gym rather than a hotel gym. I got a much better work out!


When I checked in late the first night, after a four hour drive, a smiling woman with kind eyes and a wrist wrapped in an old ace bandage greeted me. As mentioned in my Take Care blog, when I meet someone with an injury I always feel compelled to inquire and see if there is something I can do. She said her wrist bothers her when she is folding towels every night, and thinks it may be carpal tunnel or arthritis setting in.

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I asked if she had ever heard of magnetic therapy. She replied she had, and wondered about it, but had never tried anything. I loaned her an AVivoPur magnetic wrap I had with me. I asked if she would wear it for the night, and see if it helped her. She agreed, and started to remove her ace bandage. I said there was no need to do that, and she wrapped the magnetic wrap right over it. I took my key and said goodnight. What a coincidence that the stranger I was offering to help was so open to exactly what I had to offer. I felt blessed.

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Magnetic Therapy Helped!

In the morning I saw my wrap out of reach behind the front desk but no one in sight. I figured she had ended her shift and left. When I called out so I could retrieve the wrap, the same nice woman appeared! She said it did help, and thanked me. We discussed how long her wrist had been bothering her. It was more of a chronic pain that became acute when working. So that means the magnetic wrap would take awhile to really help the body repair. The more she used magnetic therapy the better it could be.

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Since, coincidentally, I was going to be in town for another day I asked if she would like to keep wearing it that day while she slept, since our bodies best repair and restore while we sleep. She quickly and happily agreed and we went about our days.

I had a wonderful birthday! Great workout at a great gym, then a wonderful afternoon seeing our daughters and getting many hugs, and even having Happy Birthday sung to me by one of my childhood heroes, the former dean of the camp. Dinner was spent with good friends over lively conversation.

Wrapped on Magnetics

When I returned to the hotel that evening, I was again greeted by the lovely woman to whom I had been able to introduce magnetic therapy. She asked how she could buy her own magnetic wrap and I just happened to have both a magnetic wrist wrap and a small magnetic arm wrap with me. wristwrapCoincidentally, my car was in the repair shop back at home, so I was driving a loaner car for this trip. You know how that goes. When you transfer your stuff into a car you tend to only grab the essentials. But for some odd reason, I had brought them with me on this trip.

When I travel I of course have my personal magnetic therapy products with me. The magnetic knee wrap I’m wearing while recovering from ACL replacement surgery, and my magnetic eye and sleep mask. But to actually bring packaged products with me on the road was just an odd coincidence; all the more strange because I’m not in the habit of carrying around packaged new products in my car at all, even when at home.

Or, really, was it?

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Meant To Be?

Can so many coincidences really happen, or was this just meant to be? What if I had stayed at the other hotel, or arrived before she started the night shift, or she forgot her ace bandage that day, or I had not brought products with me?

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She chose the magnetic arm wrap, and I emailed her a receipt. Then I sat in my room thinking about all of this, and feeling so blessed to be able to help someone. I could do this all day long every day. Oh wait, that IS what we do all day long every day! We just don’t always get to do it in person.

There are obvious advantages to meeting people in person. I get to hear their story, and really work with them to find the best options. 

Products to Try Out

If you’re thinking it would be nice to try out something before having to make the decision to buy, consider this: We know magnetic therapy helps many people. Just look at our reviews and testimonials! For this reason we invite you to order magnetic therapy products, and use them for up to 90 days. Follow the success pattern by wearing them 24/7 every day (but don’t get them wet!). We offer a full money back guarantee if you don’t think they have helped. However, the most common follow up we hear is, “You couldn’t pay me to give it back to you!” We know magnetic therapy works, but we also understand your concerns. That’s why we offer the extended 90 day return period allowing all our customers time before they make the “final” decision to buy.

My life is magical, but I sometimes wonder if it’s simply because I choose to see it that way. I seek out cool coincidences, and call them that. I am thankful for the opportunity to help others, especially in person or when we receive a written testimonial, I feel personally blessed.

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