Best New Year’s Resolution Ever

change your coffee avivopur.comBest New Year’s Resolution: Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life!

What if making the best health resolution of the New Year could be as simple as changing your coffee?

It CAN be that simple.

I’m not even going to suggest you quit coffee. Just read on.

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You, or people you know, are addicted to coffee.

You’ll get a headache if you quit.

You need the caffeine to wake up in the morning and to stay awake in the afternoon.

You’ve heard there are actually health benefits to coffee for some people, so how bad can it be?

Besides, you LIKE coffee!

You are in good company. About 83% of people worldwide drink coffee. Most of the rest of them drink tea, but for similar reasons, wanting the caffeine but not liking the taste of coffee. Again, I am not even going to suggest quitting!

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Change Your Coffee–Change Your Health

Here are the facts:

Regular coffee is

  • Acidic
  • Dehydrating
  • Raises your blood pressure
  • Creates cortisol which stresses your adrenal glands
  • Interferes with quality sleep for most people

What if you could find an option that TASTES GREAT, is made with real coffee, AND

  • Is pH balanced
  • Helps promote natural detoxification of the liver and other organs
  • Promotes a stronger immune system
  • Oxygenates the body
  • Provides energy and hydrates the body
  • Eliminates caffeine jitters and caffeine crash
  • Improves sleep

All you have to do is switch to it!

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change your coffee avivopur.comChange Your Coffee — Save Time & Money

I used to spend time and money going to coffee places and waiting in the coffee drive-thru lines. I recall the first time I realized I sat in a drive-thru line for over 15 minutes to get my coffee fix and then spent $4 – $6 on it. Sometimes I would leave my office, drive 10 minutes to get to a coffee shop, THEN spend 10 minutes in line before driving back to my office.

I was literally spending hours a week on coffee if I did things like this even 3 or 4 times a week. At an average $5 per coffee, I could be spending $20 without even having one cup a day for the week. At 5 cups a week, times even only $4 a cup, that is $20/week, $80/month, and over $1000/year on coffee. Plus the time and gas money to drive there and get it.

Now? I spend less per month than I used to spend per week. I get 30 cups of great tasting coffee which is actually GOOD for my body. 30 cups!!! I enjoy 7 quality cups a week, not just weekdays, and I spend per month what I used to spend per week. I always have it with me, tucked into a coat pocket or my purse, and all I need to find is some hot water to add to it.

So what is it?

This coffee is 50% real micro-ground coffee, and 50% organic ganoderma herb. They are blended together, just add hot water to instantly have a great tasting healthy cup of coffee anywhere, any time.

There is a TON of information on the internet relating to this incredible herb that is recognized as an adaptogen.

Definition of Adaptogen: Any of various natural substances used in herbal
medicine to normalize and regulate the systems of the body.

The fascinating backstory is that since it is a natural substance it cannot be patented. There are over 1700 peer-reviewed studies on not only because people want to understand it, but also because people want to figure out how to turn it into something they can patent and make profitable. Yet every time they change a small thing with the herb, it does not work as well. There are studies using this herb to help with a variety of issues. Check it out for yourself–you know how to use a search engine!

However, the process of putting this health influencing herb UNCHANGED into your coffee in a way that still makes it taste like coffee IS a patented process.

change your coffee avivopur.comBottom Line: Change Your Coffee

Any day is a good day to make a change for the better. New Year’s is a time when many people decide to drop addictive behaviors and make changes towards health and wellness.

See Our Healthy Coffee Options

THIS year we invite you to make an easy change: Change your coffee. Or tea. The product line has ready-made options that include black coffee, latte, mocha, great tasting hot chocolate, green tea, herbal tea, and iced tea–something for everyone.

Keep the addiction of your great tasting wake up beverage, your energizing afternoon warm up, but just change it from an acidic health depleting option to one that will actually set your body on the path to better health. From there, who knows what could happen?

Happy New Year!

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