Personal Post: My Healthy Coffee

change your coffee

True Stories from a Coffee Snob To say that I was a coffee snob was dead on. I would walk out of a coffee shop if all they had was medium or light roast. It was a dark roast, full flavor, add a shot of espresso all the way. I knew it was an addiction,… read more

Best New Year’s Resolution Ever

change your coffee

Best New Year’s Resolution: Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life! What if making the best health resolution of the New Year could be as simple as changing your coffee? It CAN be that simple. I’m not even going to suggest you quit coffee. Just read on. Get a FREE Sample of Healthy Coffee You, or… read more

Enough Sleep for Children & New Parents

care giving healthy enough sleep

The Best Gift I Gave Our Daughters: Enough Sleep If you are a caregiver, helping your children or parents get enough sleep is an important part of the job! You need good sleep too! Both children and adults need sleep to function at their best. Adults need 7-8 hours per night. Children need more than… read more

Sleep Supports Your Immune System

sleep supports your immune system

Like It or Not, Sleep Matters One of the fastest ways to get, and really FEEL, run down is to not sleep well, or not sleep long enough. Sleeping 8 Hours a Night is the goal for most adults, though children and teens need even more than this. Regular deep sleep supports your immune system.… read more

AVivoPur Eye Mask Makes National Television Debut

aVivoPur Sleep Mask on Fox & Friends

This Just In: AVivoPur’s Eye, Sleep & Sinus Mask on National Television This Morning!! Ingrid Prueher, whom we often feature when we discuss the importance of #8HoursANight of sleep, brought our eye mask with her on set. You can see the segment here, called: Why You Should Get Rid of That Alarm Clock The eye… read more

7 Proven Reasons to Sleep 8 Hours a Night

sleep 8 hours a night

Staying Up Late Seemed So Cool When I was a little kid, staying up late was was something I always wanted to do. Adults did, so I figured that was when all the fun stuff happened. Saturday Night Live was on late at night, as well as other late night television my teenage friends seemed… read more

Illness or Injured? Rest to Get Back in the Game

Rest is a good first step to get #BackInTheGame

Illness or Injured? Rest to Get Back In The Game The usual and most obvious first step when you are injured or ill is to rest. For injury you can follow the RICE method: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevate. If you are ill and a regular exercise person, illness may require you to back off… read more

Sleeping 8 Hours a Night Boosts Your Immune System

#lackofsleep #immunesystem 8 hours a night sleep #8hoursanight

Sleeping 8 Hours a Night Boosts Your Immune System When you are sick, extra sleep is recommended. But getting enough sleep on a regular basis may prevent you from getting sick, or as sick, in the first place. In his blog “Sleep as Dangerous as Stress on Healthy Immune Function“ Dr. Michael Breus gives a… read more

Sleep 8 Hours a Night for More Sex

Sleep 8 Hours a night more sex

Sleep 8 Hours a Night for More Sex Yes, there is even research to prove this point, but don’t fire the messenger! Researchers found that wives who had trouble sleeping were more likely to be irritable and critical of their spouses the next day. The same research showed that husbands’ sleep habits didn’t affect the couples’ interactions.… read more

Sleep 8 Hours a Night for Better Skin

sleep 8 hours a night for better skin

Sleep 8 Hours a Night for Better Skin Have you heard the line: “What is the largest organ on your body?” The key to the question is the word “on” and the answer is your skin. Many people think of skin as the wrapping on the package, the container keeping bones and organs and muscles… read more