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Reishi Ganoderma Lucidum Coffee Products Review by WhippedGreenGirl

WhippedGreenGirl Angie previously reviewed our Healthy Living Clay and found it to be a beauty secret she could “never live without!” Since she liked our healthy clay so much, we decided to send her some of our Reishi Ganoderma Lucidum coffee to try as well. Angie found a ton of benefits from our superfood coffee, like how it helps… read more

Actress Theresa Longo Calls aVivoPur Clay PURE MAGIC!

actress theresa longo avivoopur.com

Looks Matter, but Health is King Actress Theresa Longo, International model, performer, musician, and fitness expert has written another blog about aVivoPur products. This time her blog post is all about aVivoPur’s Healthy Living Clay,and Advanced Vitamin B-Stress Plus with Herbal Relaxation Blend. Read Theresa’s New Blog Post Here This combination of products is especially… read more

Featured in the Spring Gift Guide 2016

The AVivoPur Standard Series Mattress Pad was chosen to be featured in the Spring Gift Guide on RebatesZone.com Click here to see our listing: Spring Gift Guide The AVivoPur Standard Series Magnetic Mattress pad featured in the Spring Gift Guide contains the AVivoPur Pur North polarity (-) magnetic therapy technology.  Properly designed magnetic therapy provides the restorative… read more

Dawn’s Corner Highlights aVivoPur Organic Greens

Dawn's Corner

Dawn’s Corner has been the go-to product page in regional magazines throughout Southern California for the past 10 years. On her website, Dawn says: “I want Dawn’s Corner to reflect my personal taste and style showcasing great products that I come across, and introducing you to brands you might have never heard of before. The… read more

Hollywood Swag Bag Has Our Superfood Earth Greens!

Award Nominees staying at the #FourSeasonsHotel were treated to a beautiful collection of gifts put together by @SwagGivesBack. Many brands are represented in this year’s Hollywood Swag Bag, including our AVivoPur Superfood Earth Greens. We hope the many celebrities who stayed at the Four Seasons enjoy our greens, and we thank you for your tweets… read more

AVivoPur Eye Mask Makes National Television Debut

aVivoPur Sleep Mask on Fox & Friends

This Just In: AVivoPur’s Eye, Sleep & Sinus Mask on National Television This Morning!! Ingrid Prueher, whom we often feature when we discuss the importance of #8HoursANight of sleep, brought our eye mask with her on set. You can see the segment here, called: Why You Should Get Rid of That Alarm Clock The eye… read more

Healthy Living Clay Review by WhippedGreenGirl

WhippedGreenGirl Angie found aVivoPur™ via Twitter, and was interested in learning more about our Healthy Living Clay. She went on to not only use it in a variety of ways over a period of time but to do additional research which she includes in her review. She starts by saying, “We all have our little… read more