Caregiving Quick Guide

For some people, caregiving is enjoyable, and it gives them energy and fulfillment to have contact with others knowing they are helping whether or not gratitude is shown. For others however, constantly being needed by another is exhausting, and these people need to do some self-care and take time for themselves in order to keep going. There is no right or wrong about this, no judgment, people are different and are who they are.

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However, both types of people can appreciate making things as easy as possible. Finding shortcuts while still giving the best care. Here is the aVivoPur Caregiving Quick Guide of options we offer that can help make your caregiving easier.

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CareGiving Quick Guide for children

Everyday care begins with consistent nutrition, quality sleep, pure hydration without sugar or caffeine, and lots of healthy movement.

Caregiving Quick Guide for Older Adults

Certain processes slow down as we age and our hormones change. Encourage your parents and grandparents to keep moving, even strength training! Strong hips and core body can help prevent falls which often lead to fractures and immobility. It’s never too late to start!

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Supplementation may help keep the body healthy longer keeping people more agile and independent.

  • Melatonin production may begin to slow after the age of 40, resulting in poor sleep. While some adults seem to brag on how little sleep they need, the reality is that people who become sleep deprived perform worse than a moderately drunk driver on driving tests. Melatonin can be taken occasionally to help re-set the body to going to sleep and producing its own natural melatonin, though many older adults take it more routinely to get the needed 7 – 8 hours of rest that is a must best health. As with children, a Magnetic Therapy Mattress pad and Eye, Sleep & Sinus mask, or magnetic cap may help encourage natural sleep.
  • CoQ10 (CoEnzyme Q10) is another chemical naturally produced by the body which may decline with age. CoQ10 is often taken to support cardiovascular and nervous system health.  Research indicates that CoQ10 may support heart health by supporting energy production, increasing oxygenation, and acting as an antioxidant to prevent cellular damage.
  • Eye changes also begin after the age of 40 for many people. aVivoPur’s Ocu-Complex provides Lutein and other important nutrients which have been shown to protect the eyes from damaging light rays and fatty deposits which may result in compromised vision.
  • Some older adults decrease their meat intake either due to dental issues or lack of appetite. This can result in a decrease of B vitamins. A vitamin B12 supplement, specifically, may help supply this essential nutrient needed by the body for energy production. B-Stress provides not only a blend of multiple B vitamins, but a unique herbal relaxation blend as well.
  • Finally a short list of other options for your consideration:
    • Healthy Silver Multivitamin or a men’s or women’s multivitamin can help ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need.
    • Cellular Support combines hyaluronic acid with other ingredients to help maintain healthy joints while also reducing unhealthy inflammation.
    • Kidney Support is an excellent formula for detoxifying, maintaining and restoring proper kidney function that may have diminished from age.
    • Liver Support combines Milk Thistle, other herbal ingredients, and L-methionine to help detoxify and increase liver efficiency.
    • Heart Support is a synergistic blend that is ideal for enhancing normal heart function, and reducing the many symptoms of heart disease
    • Menopause Support  contains herbal remedies designed to ease the transition without the known effects of traditional hormonal treatment.
    • Prostate Support combines herbal remedies known to fight benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) with others known to provide general support.
    • Colon Support has been designed to provide the gentle cleanse best suited for elderly detoxification programs.
    • Joint Support combines both Glucosamine and chondroitin to increase joint health in disorders of joint degradation.
    • Vegan Glucosamine may help restore function to cartilage that has become damaged or worn down over time.
    • Vegan MSM may improve joint health and is used for a number of health conditions such as osteoarthritis and other joint inflammatory diseases.
    • Zinc may provide protection against common pathogens such as viruses. Zinc is also a powerful antioxidant which protects the body’s cells from free radical damage which may contribute to aging and a number of health problems such as cancer and heart disease.
  • Also, check out our Lifestyle products, particularly the fluoride free toothpaste by CoralWhite and the all natural deodorant by Lafe’s for great ways to help them stay healthy while also feeling great.

Caregiving Quick Guide for Pets

Give your pets the care you would give to anyone else you love!

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Last note: Remember self-care! Caregiving Quick Guide for You!

Most everything mentioned above may apply to you as well.  Keep yourself healthy, rested, hydrated, and moving. See our many options for detoxification, exercise, and nutrition that may apply to you. Some of our favorites include:

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