Care Giving for Minor to Chronic Injury

caregiving for painIt’s Never Fun to Deal with Pain.

Whether it is your own pain, or you are a caregiver for someone else, dealing with pain can take over your world for a time.

I know. In 1997 I was told I had to have knee surgery, that it was the only way to end my knee pain. I was only 27 years old and I almost did it. My complete story and many others are shared below.

From the temporary pain of a sprain to more chronic long term pain of an illness like fibromyalgia, finding relief and a way to get #BackIntheGame of your own life becomes a priority. That is the purpose behind this ebook. Help you find ways to get back to doing what you love to do in your life.

Kissing it Better–A True Story

When our daughter was born and we counted her toes and admired her tiny little fingers I also admired her perfect skin on her knees. Even then I knew that one day, if she grew well and strong, she would skin up those knees and have scars like the rest of us.

Naturally I was in no hurry for that day to arrive! But as she grew and experienced life, including skinned knees, bee stings, paper cuts and more, I did my best to soothe the pain.

But kisses only worked for so long.

One day she ran full speed into a granite table. I blame it on a growth spurt… perhaps the day before she had been able to clear under that table but that day she could not. Maybe it was different shoes.

All I knew was that my two year old was hurt, screaming, and a gigantic egg shaped bump was rapidly growing out of her forehead!

As I ran to her I called out to my husband to “grab the AVivoPur Super Magnetic Block!” I scooped her up and shortly after he was there and we held the north pole side of the magnetic block over her forehead. Her crying slowed to a whimper, and the bump decreased. Naturally we remained concerned and over the next 24 hours. We kept her head close to the north pole magnetic field as well as looked for any other signs of concussion or trauma, but she was fine. The bump was gone and she was barely even bruised.

We wish we could protect our children and all of our loved ones from injury, but really living requires some risk. Our daughter was shrieking happily moments before she was screaming painfully. We were just blessed to know what to do and to have the right magnetic therapy tool on hand to do it.

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Care Giving for Pain: Minor and Temporary

When pain is caused by a sudden trauma, swelling is a natural precaution your body will take in an effort to protect itself. It helps to immobilize the area, which is good if there could be broken bones or a severe cut and help is a long way away.

However, that same swelling also decreases the blood flow to the area, and causes its own trauma. Nerves can become impinged, and the mind body connection with the area is affected.

This is why the R.I.C.E. method is usually recommended:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compress
  • Elevate

We just ADD TO the RICE Method by adding in Magnetic Therapy, and below you will find our 7 Steps to get #BackInTheGame

We can tell many similar stories of relatively minor and temporary or recently caused pain.

  • In Kindergarten our daughter fell off the swing set and a bump formed which caused the school nurse to call us. My husband headed over to the school with an AVivoPur Neo-Disc and this time the nurse watched the bump disappear. She asked why every school in the nation does not have one of these on site, and he agreed, “We’d like to know that too.” Our daughter went back to class.
  • While traveling a few years ago I sprained my ankle on a run. After icing and elevating it, I used the only magnetic therapy item I had on hand, my AVivoPur Magnetic Therapy Eye Mask. It worked surprisingly well to wrap around my ankle! After applying the magnetic therapy the swelling decreased. I saw a massage therapist the next day and he agreed that reducing the swelling quickly helped him help me more.  Three days later I was running again.
  • The Super Magnetic Block was used in our kitchen when a friend grabbed a glass pan that had just come out of a 400 degree oven! Rather than run it under cold water, we placed her hand on the north side of the magnetic block. At first her hand was red and hurt if not on the block, but pain free when on the block. After a time, she was able to remove her hand from the block, pain free. Read More. We keep a Super Magnetic Block and a Neo-Disc in our kitchen at all times for burns!
  • Post surgery for my ACL repair, I kept my knee wrapped in the Magnetic Therapy Knee Wrap. I wish I could report that my healing was as quick as the bumps and sprains, but ACL surgery causes a bit more trauma! Still I healed well, and way ahead of schedule. My scar is minimal and my knee is strong!
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Read the AVivoPur® eBook: “Discover the Attraction of Magnetic Therapy”

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Dealing with Old Injuries and Chronic Pain

Old injuries and chronic pain can also improve, but it won’t happen overnight. The longer the injury has been building up, the more likely there is scar tissue that is now added into the mix. First let’s look at a couple of common injuries that cause people pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome and joint pain. Then we will take a look a chronic pain such as comes from fibromyalgia and other inflammatory disease.

Many people (mistakenly) think that the injury begins when the pain begins. That is not always true. When I broke a bone in my foot the pain did not begin immediately. I knew something was wrong but I walked a block before the pain really hit. Likewise many injuries and illnesses that cause inflammation, and ultimately cause pain, may begin long before the pain starts.

Carpal Tunnel & Joint Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is pain caused when the median nerve of the wrist becomes compressed in the carpal tunnel at the base of the hand. The cause of this compression may be varied, from injury to repetitive use of vibrating hand tools to office work on a keyboard. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke lists many other causes as well, and says women are 3 times more likely to suffer carpal tunnel pain than men.

Carpal tunnel syndrome may build up for weeks, months, or years before the median nerve actually gets compressed enough to cause pain. As with recent or more minor pain, inflammation of the area is often involved.

It is a natural instinct to seek rapid relief from pain. Many of us turn to the internet to seek options for instant relief– a pill, a cream, anything! Some even turn to surgery if a doctor says it is the only option. I almost did.

  • The problem with pain pills is that they often just mask the pain, allowing the inflammation to get worse. Plus they have side effects!
  • The problem with surgery is that it DOES create scar tissue, which ultimately can end up causing more pressure in the area, and the pain returns.

Instead, the methods of using RICE and Magnetic Therapy may be used to reduce and even eliminate the pain. They key is to remember that it may take a while, and give it a chance. Be patient.

“I have had carpal tunnel in both of my wrists for at least 12 years.
aVivoPur’s High Power Magnetic Wrist Wrap turned it around in 24 hours.”

The key is to remember that reversing #pain may take a while. Give it a chance. Be patient. Click To Tweet

Knee, shoulder and other joints are often said to wear out. While it is true that our bodies begin to decline the production of growth hormone after we turn 30, this does not mean our joints cannot stay healthy!

As with carpal tunnel, joint pain may have started back in our teen years, with injuries sustained in sports. Repeated pounding of the cartilage and ligaments produces little tears and inflammation, which may heal by creating scar tissue. Compounding this problem may be a lack of good nutrition, or the specific essential nutrients your body needs to make repairs.

As with recent injury, chronic injury benefits from the same 7 steps to recovery:

  1. Rest
  2. Hydrate
  3. Nourish
  4. Support
  5. Balance
  6. Train
  7. Move

(Read the complete blog post)

My Story:

In my mid-twenties I had knee pain so bad I could not climb stairs. I was told I must have surgery, despite the fact that the surgery would product scarring which may require me to have total knee replacements in my 40’s. I didn’t like this option, but at the time I didn’t know of any other options either.

“Just in time I learned about magnetic therapy, and did not have surgery until 18 years later when I busted my ACL working towards my 2nd degree black belt in martial arts. That’s pretty good for knees that, according to the doctor,”needed” surgery! Read my complete story.

“I was in my twenties when I used magnetic therapy, and my age helped. But even now in my 40’s (and no knee replacements needed!) magnetic therapy is what I turn to first.”

–LeAnn Lyon, President & Founder of aVivoPur

Care Giving for Pain: Chronic Pain

Definition of Chronic pain

  • may be intermittent or constant, but does not go away
  • may be mild to severe
  • has gone on for more than 6 months

The effects of chronic pain include fatigue, sleeplessness, weakened immune system, and even depression.

Carpal tunnel syndrome and joint pain, left untreated when it is first noticed, can become chronic pain. Other whole body inflammatory or autoimmune diseases can also cause chronic pain. These include but are not limited to

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Lupus

By the time people are diagnosed with one of the above conditions, most likely treatments have already been tried and/or are ongoing. It would be unconscionable to suggest abandoning any treatments you are already using, especially if they have had the effect of lowing pain level. However, many people who are undergoing treatments for chronic pain still seek additional and/or alternative options and magnetic therapy has successfully helped many.

What we believe: Just as your body needs oxygen, food, and water to live, our bodies interact with the earth’s magnetic field and our cells require this energy as well. This is not an agreed upon scientific fact. However, for many people seeking pain relief, the use of magnetic therapy has been useful. Please see our article on What to Look For and be sure that you are provided with a  satisfaction guarantee. Magnetic therapy is relatively inexpensive, and quality companies offer an excellent return policy.

What We Suggest**:

  1. Build your foundation: make sure you nourish your body with whole foods containing essential nutrients for your body. Supplement the nutrients you may be missing. Learn More. Note: If you are on medications, consult with someone knowledgeable before adding supplements.
  2. Consider nutritional and magnetic options to support your immune system.
  3. Give Magnetic Therapy a Try.
    1. Discover the Attraction of Magnetic Therapy by asking for our free download.
    2. For targeted areas of the body, try targeted products.
    3. For larger areas of the body, or whole body chronic pain, consider our Magnetic Therapy Premier Mattress Pad. We offer a 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee for all magnetic therapy products.
  4. Continue to follow up with whatever consultants or doctors you see. Over time if your body becomes healthier you may be able to reduce other treatments.

I am 23 years old and I’ve had Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last four years. I received AVivoPur‘s Magnetic Elbow Sleeves as a gift, and started wearing them at night. I noticed that after using them my mornings were less painful and I was able to recover faster. Things were getting better and easier.”


Pain, of any kind, is difficult to deal with as a caregiver, especially if you are care giving for yourself! Pain is stressful, and can cause immune system stress as well. Remember that Gratitude is an Immune Support Habit and, as my friend Kelley Grimes reminds us, use self-compassion!

Read the AVivoPur® eBook: “Discover the Attraction of Magnetic Therapy”

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Read the AVivoPur® eBook: “7 Caregiving Joys & Challenges”

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**Disclaimer:  AVivoPur does not provide medical advice. This web site and article is for information purposes only. Viewing this site, receipt of information contained on this site, or the transmission of information from or to this site does not constitute a physician-patient relationship.The magnetic therapy information on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking it because of something you have read on this web site.

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