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What is a Small Business Anyway? Part 2

Why Shop with Small Businesses? Black Friday! Whoo hoo! All the big sales, all the excitement. Billions of dollars will be spent today. Where will you spend yours? In Part 1 I defined what a micro business is, as compared to small. Here I address a couple of key questions: Why shop small businesses? What about free shipping… read more

What is a Small Business Anyway? Part 1

Define a “Small Business.” Who do you know that owns or works for a small business? I mean, besides me! What is a “small business” anyway? One definition says it can have up to 500 employees! Nearly half of the US population works for a “small business” (more about that in my next post.) But a “micro”… read more

Guest Blog: Sara Shupe – Where Is Your J.O.Y.?

joy,, Sara Shupe

Where is your J.O.Y.? When was the last time you jumped for joy? Maybe when your toddler walked for the first time, your scary medical report came up as nothing, or you heard the rarely-heard phrase from your teenage, “you were right, Mom.” Now a harder question, when was the last time you jumped for… read more

Guest Blog: Marcus Clarke – Vitamin B12 Infographic

Vitamin B12! About The Author – Marcus Clarke After gaining a Bachelors (Hons) in Psychology then progressing to a Masters in Health Psychology, he has since gained experience working in a Psychology department within the NHS.  Marcus Clarke is currently working in the health and social care sector for supporting adults and children with learning disabilities.… read more

Guest Blog: Mari Ruddy – Endurance Athlete Diabetes & Cancer Survivor

Who Are You? When I’m asked the question, “Who are you?” lots of things run through my mind. “I’m a recreational endurance athlete.” “An accomplished speaker, author, and LinkedIn guru.” “I have been a high school principal and lived to tell about it.” “I’ve lived with type 1 diabetes for nearly 36 years and I’ve… read more

Guest Blog: Nicole ‘Hadassah’ Maggio – True Self-Care Caregiving blog True Self-Care

Empowered Caregiving by Hadassah Whether we realize it or not, we are all caregivers in some way. Sometimes we are caring for children, other times we are assisting the elderly. Even going to work, buying groceries at the store, and meeting the needs of our family all fall under the ‘Caregiving’ category. Caregivers give more… read more

Guest Blog: Dr. Steven Hiebert – Staying Centered during Challenges steven hiebert caregiving blog

5 Tips for Staying Centered During Life’s Ups and Downs After working with me for several years, one of my patients shared this with me: “You never know what life is going to bring. Who would have ever thought that being pregnant at twenty-three could be such a blessing, and facilitate spiritual awakening and healing.… read more