Actress Theresa Longo Calls aVivoPur Clay PURE MAGIC! healthy living clay theresa longoLooks Matter, but Health is King

Actress Theresa Longo, International model, performer, musician, and fitness expert has written another blog about aVivoPur products.

This time her blog post is all about aVivoPur’s Healthy Living Clay,and Advanced B-Stress Plus with Herbal Relaxation Blend.

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This combination of products is especially targeted to help actress Theresa Longo keep up her beautiful skin.

A natural detoxifying agent, calcium bentonite clay can be used both externally as a mask or bath soak, or even as a method of internal detoxification. Studies have shown that it may bind and remove toxins and dangerous pathogens such as E.coli, MRSA, and rotaviruses.ϯ

advanced b stress plus herbal relaxation formula actress theresa longo avivopur.comB vitamins are essential nutrients often associated with energy. The food sources of B vitamins are often dairy, meat, and eggs, making a B vitamin supplement especially important for vegan eaters like actress Theresa Longo. The Advanced B-Stress Plus has an added herbal relaxation blend, and Theresa says,

“I certainly am feeling relaxed. See how relaxed you can get too! You deserve it. Let this be your gentle reminder to treat yourself.”

When looking beautiful and staying fit is your full time job, its important to choose products well and to stick to what works!

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