7 Secrets to Lasting Improvement

change.jpgWe have all done this: We get fed up with some situation in our life, maybe health or diet, and we decide, “That’s it! I’m going to change everything right this minute and fix it forever!” We run out and buy fresh food, maybe some supplements and protein shakes, join a gym, get new workout gear, start drinking lots of “healthy” beverages and maybe hire a trainer or sign up for a “boot camp.” That usually lasts for how many days? Three?

Chances are we were quickly left feeling defeated. Why does this happen? Simple! Because making many improvements all at once is just plain stressful, if not downright impossible.

Making improvements all at once is just plain stressful, if not impossible. There's a better way. Click To Tweet

At aVivoPur, we like to consider the basics, to go back to how things occur naturally, and to show you how to make real, lasting improvement. We have developed our products with this in mind also. It’s a simple strategy but the absolute best way to create change is one step at a time.

Consider a child learning a new skill, like walking, talking, or reading. They do it gradually, a word at a time. Of course, as adults we are smarter and more sophisticated, right? So, we can learn things faster and improve on demand, right? Maybe, but we also have years of doing things the same way. Overcoming these hard-wired habits is not something anyone can do instantly, at least not without a few super powers…

Fortunately, at aVivoPur, we have discovered some profound techniques to help you improve your habits and instill a way of thinking that can alter the way you approach your goals so that you can achieve lasting success. They may appear simple, but the success is in the details.

  1. Get Clear on WHAT You Want to Improve
  2. Figure Out WHY.
  3. Brainstorm “How”
  4. Do ONE Thing at a Time.
  5. Measure Your Progress
  6. Keep Making SMALL Improvements
  7. Realize There is No End if you want the change to last.

“If You Want Things to Change In Your Life,
You’re Going to Have To Change Things In Your Life.”

 A Vivo means “to live,” and we believe in living vibrantly. Here’s how you can, too.

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