7 Proven Reasons to Sleep 8 Hours a Night

Staying Up Late Seemed So Cool

When I was a little kid, staying up late was was something I always wanted to do. Adults did, so I figured that was when all the fun stuff happened. Saturday Night Live was on late at night, as well as other late night television my teenage friends seemed to stay up and watch. But I was not allowed. (Oh, and no we couldn’t record it either!)

Now I bless my parents for helping me sleep 8 hours a night. As I hit my high school years, of course, I wanted to be asleep 10 and even 12 hours a night. It turns out that for that age, that’s about right too. For every age, there is an ideal amount of sleep your body needs.

Would You Rather be Cool, or Feel Well?

How many hours do you sleep on average? Some people brag about how little sleep they need, but are they right?

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7 Reasons to Sleep 8 Hours a Night

8 hours of sleep affects your healthReason #1: Improves Your Health

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  • Sleep stages 3 and 4 are the “sleep restoration stages”
  • Importance of the REM stage of sleep
  • Medical implications of sleep
  • We spend one-quarter to one-third of our lives sleeping
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#lackofsleep #immunesystem 8 hours a night sleep #8hoursanight Reason #2: Boosts Your Immune System

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  • Enough sleep may prevent illness or reduce how sick you get
  • Obtaining adequate sleep is important for achieving optimal health
  • Impact of stress on the immune system
  • Amount of sleep needed by an individual

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sleeping 8 hours a night affects your weight #8hoursanightReason #3: Affects Your Weight

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  • Your body repairs while you sleep, therefore burning calories
  • People who get 8 hours a night eat fewer calories overall
  • How the loss of sleep can give you more of an appetite and make it harder for you to tell when you’re full
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sleep 8 hours a night for more energyReason #4: Have More Energy

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  • The source of energy that runs all of the cells in your body, increases during sleep
  • Staying awake does not surge the steady ATP production when being awake
  • Sleep helps you feel rested and be ready for the day
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sleep 8 hours a night for better skinReason #5: Repair Your Skin

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  • Skin is the largest organ in your body
  • How sleep can prevent Psoriasis
  • “growth hormone is almost negligible in the system” when we don’t sleep deeply
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sleep 8 hours a night to improve moodReason #6: Improves Your Mood

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  • Poor or inadequate sleep can cause irritability and stress
  • Loss of sleep increases the risk for developing emotional disorders, depression, and anxiety
  • Mood affects productivity, happiness, and relationships
  • 8 hours can help you be a better friend
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Sleep 8 Hours a night more sexReason #7: Impacts Your Sex Life

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  • Loss of sleep can make us more likely to be irritable and critical of our spouses the next day
  • Testosterone levels may be impacted by sleep
  • Enough quality sleep leads to better health, better mood, and a better relationship
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Sleep is gaining attention in the areas of health and wellness, as people begin to look for natural ways to feel, look and even live better. While there are many studies about sleep, there is still a lot that is unknown.  Most studies are clear however on these points:
    • Everyone needs to sleep, but how much varies by age and person.
    • Chronic sleep deprivation may be a precursor to disease.
    • How well you sleep impacts your mood, relationships, and even your sex life.
    • There are many things you can do to improve your sleep.

Sleep affects more than just how alert you are the following day. Join the conversation by using #8HoursANight and see your posts appear on our Community Page

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