Flu Season: 7 Immune Support Habits

7 immune support habits #ImmuneSupport #WellnessboosterPrevention is Easier than Recovery

‘Tis the Season for the Sneezin’ or so they say. Fortunately, there are also immune support habits you can make part of your life to reduce the chances you will suffer a cold or flu.

When exactly is cold or flu season? Many people would say it follows the holidays of Christmas and New Years. Mothers will swear it is the fall when their kids go back to school and bring home viruses from all the other kids. Change of season is even blamed for causing colds, and allergies can feel like a never ending cold as well. So what is it?

There is a common thread between most of the co-called seasons listed above. Post holiday, many people are run down from poor food, too much drink, and perhaps less quality sleep. When school begins, yes there is greater exposure to more people, but also children may be getting less sleep initially as they settle back into their school schedule. Allergies also tax the immune system and make it more difficult to sleep, and these often coincide with change of season.

Being run down often comes before getting sick.

The immune support habits that will keep you healthy are the same #PureLiving Pillars from our free download, Pure Living In a Modified World.

  1. Get enough sleep
  2. Stay hydrated
  3. Consider options to detoxify
  4. Eat good foods for good nutrients
  5. Supplement
  6. Move your body and break a sweat every day

What about that 7th one? Gratitude for immune support? Yep. We will get to that one, too.

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7 Immune Support Habits

sleep is an immune system habitHabit 1: Sleep

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hydration is an immune support habitHabit 2: Hydration

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detoxification is an immune support habitHabit 3: Detoxify

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Eas whole foods to support your immune systemHabit 4: Eat Whole Foods

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Supplement to Support your immune system

Habit 5: Supplement

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stay active immune support habitHabit 6: Stay Active

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 Habit 7: Gratitudegratitude is an immne support habit

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A positive mindset about your life and your health can help you keep it! #Gratitude #ImmuneSupport Click To Tweet

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