7 #CareGiving Joys and Challenges

#CareGiving caregiving joys and challenges avivopur.comBeing responsible for a person (or pet’s) well being is an honorable and often under-appreciated endeavor.

Think of all the ways we appreciate those who care for us:

  • Servers in restaurants
  • Flight attendants
  • Pilots, bus drivers, and train engineers
  • Housekeepers in hotels
  • Teachers
  • Nurses and doctors and many others in hospitals and clinics

Some of these people we thank verbally. Others we thank with a tip. But many people go about day after day with a rare thank you or specific appreciation.

Parenting, pet care, and caring for our own parents as they get older falls into the category of Care Giving as well.

  • We hope to receive our thanks when our children grow up with good manners, good health, and love and cuddles before they become teenagers, and even sometimes after.
  • Our pets show their appreciation in much the same way by looking for our return or giving us pleasure just watching or touching them.
  • Helping our parents or other older adults with home, garden, or personal care can be touch and go with their appreciation. Some people age with grace and thanks for the help, while others may resist and fight the perceived intrusion, even if the help really is necessary.

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7 Care Giving Joys and Challenges

Care Giving #1: Your Children

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  • Holding onto those special moments with your kids
  • The challenges of day-to-day parenting
  • Don’t take care of your children alone – find more time for yourself
  • The benefits of joining a parenting class
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Care Giving for your parentsCare Giving #2: Your Parents

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  • Care giving for your parents can come gradually or instantly
  • How to find the joy in taking care of your parents
  • Resources to help the journey with your parents
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Caregiving for petsCare Giving #3: Your Pets

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  • Taking care of your pets as they age
  • Health benefits for people with pets
  • Overcoming challenges with your pet
  • Resources to help make you the best pet owner
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caregiving for youCare Giving #4: YOU

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  • Are you an automatic caregiver?
  • How to find “me time” by finding what’s important, unimportant, urgent, and not urgent
  • Finding the joy in self-care instead of having it be a burden
  • Resources for self-caregiving
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caregiving nutritionCare Giving #5: Nutrition

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  • Most of our days revolve around food
  • Difference between eating and eating nutritiously
  • Our personal responsibility to get enough nutrition
  • How parents can educate themselves on nutrition
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caregiving an injuryCare Giving #6: Pain

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  • Finding relief from pain can become a priority in life
  • How to care for minor and temporary pain
  • Magnetic therapy for pain
  • Dealing with old injuries and chronic pain
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care giving healthy enough sleep avivopur.comCare Giving #7: Sleep

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  • The best gift to give your kids: SLEEP
  • How to get yourself and your kids enough sleep
  • Brain development benefits of sleep
  • Making childcare decisions based on sleep
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Read the AVivoPur® eBook: “7 Caregiving Joys & Challenges”download avivopur ebook

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