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Busting a Common Myth About Vitamins Today

Is there truth to a common myth about vitamins?  The basis for this myth is in how the body gets rid of excess water soluble vitamins. Furthermore, the vitamin at cause is probably not the one you think! What is the myth, and what is the vitamin? Warning: If you think you know the myth I’m talking… read more

BMI is Ridiculous!

BMI is ridiculous! Did you know that many athletes, those ripped bodies we see on TV racing up and down a field or court or rink, are, according to BMI charts, obese? BMI, or Body Mass Index, is the most common measurement currently used to quickly calculate a person’s potential for being healthy. It is… read more

Nutrition and Weight Loss Guide

Sleep is a PureLiving Pillar

Over 30 percent of American adults are considered obese… …and many more than that are overweight. Many people struggle for years against weight gain and may experience negative health consequences. Research has shown that being overweight can predispose you to many health conditions including: Diabetes High Blood Pressure Arthritis Heart Disease Weight loss continues to… read more

Pure Living in a Modified World

What does it take to be healthy? We don’t simply mean just “not sick,” but thriving, abundantly healthy, exuberant, energetic and alive with pleasure and delight?  Can you remember the last time you felt truly well-rested, fully hydrated, and deliciously nourished? Again, not just “not exhausted, not hungry and not thirsty,” but truly vibrant? Anytime… read more

University of Virginia Magnetic Study

Magnetic therapy has been thoroughly studied over the past 10 years. With each new study, more beneficial aspects of magnetic therapy products have been discovered. Take a look at the study below to learn more about magnet therapy. Click here for link to outside URL of actual article which we have copied below with emphasis… read more

Magnetic Therapy- Why North Pole?

North Pole is most important!

North Pole Polarity–Most Important! Polarity is one of 5 factors considered when creating properly designed magnetic therapy products. For details on all five areas please see our blog post, “Magnetic Therapy-What to Look For.” The direction electrons move within a magnetic field is polarity. North polarity is counterclockwise, South polarity is clockwise, and the rotation changes… read more

Magnetic Therapy- Make It Work For You

You're bound to have questions!

Making Magnetic Therapy Work for You Using magnetic therapy is simple, but like many things that are new, getting started with magnetic therapy can potentially be daunting. It’s different, and alternative, and it’s not as mainstream as the BandAid. You’re bound to have questions and misconceptions. We have a great series of blog posts on… read more

Magnetic Therapy- What to Look For

Magnetic Therapy Works

It’s increasingly popular to use some sort of alternative therapy. Chiropractic has become fairly accepted, even covered by some health insurances. Massage, acupuncture, Reiki, and aromatherapy are also gaining acceptance as methods to help treat pain, injury, and even illness. Magnetic therapy ranks as one of the more successful of these alternative therapies, many of which,… read more

7 Secrets to Lasting Improvement

We have all done this: We get fed up with some situation in our life, maybe health or diet, and we decide, “That’s it! I’m going to change everything right this minute and fix it forever!” We run out and buy fresh food, maybe some supplements and protein shakes, join a gym, get new workout… read more

About Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids

about omega 3

Omega-3 Supports Cardiovascular, Immune and Nervous Systems Omega-3 fatty acids are most commonly obtained as fish oil from cold-water fish such as salmon, sardines, mackerel and tuna. Unfortunately, many of the ocean’s fish are harvested from mercury contaminated regions of the sea.  With top-line predator fish such as tuna, the mercury becomes more concentrated.  In… read more